The Razors Edge

What a FABULOUS title ….and thanks ShaTara …just watched it …but think it was the wrong one …they were all in black and white speaking veeeeeery sloooooow queens English ….kept laughing wondering when Bill Murray was going to come in:D:D:D

Still …I enjoyed it ..have ordered the book off Amazon …getting all literary …..perfect timing for hunkering down of an autumn evening:):):):):)

7 thoughts on “The Razors Edge

    1. Yes …it’s about a guy from the British upper class who became disillusioned with life after WW1 ….everyone calls him a ‘loafer’ ….he turns down a ‘proper job’ …buggars off to Paris …then India where he kind of has an epiphany and comes back to work alongside the ordinary working man.
      There’s one or two women in it along the way as lovers etc too ……well in those days it was a bit different ….oh he does marry one who has become a drunk in Paris THATS interesting …..ANYWAY I really enjoyed it …try to watch the Bill Murray version tho …the black and white film I watched must have been made around the time the book was written…’s a bit laborious:D:D:D

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  1. Well, the Bill Murray movie was in colour… LOL, how old DO you think I am, pre-talkies? (OK, don’t answer that!) You will probably get a whole lot more from the story, and Maugham is a favourite writer of mine too. I love “The Verger.”

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    1. Doooooooeeeeessss heeeeee Kaaaaaaate?
      I mean does he? ….Summerset Maughms I mean …appear in the movie?
      That first ‘does he’ was what they all sounded like tho ….all speeeeeeaking veeeeeery slooooooowly and walking about all stiff and wooden ….I thought it was all some special effect and it was going to turn from black and white to color ….but it didn’t:D:D:D
      Hmmmm ….and it’s usually the books are always better than the film aren’t they? ….maybe it’s the dialogue in it or someting with this one we’ll see:)

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