I think I like this …..

Please check the previous post ….I have just stumbled across AVAAZ via the one I am posting next

Hmmmmm we want a NEW way don’t we?

But what?

Well ….these two posts offer an insight 

Democracy YES

Hmmmm and as I’ve said before ….in ANY relationship, if things aren’t going right …destructive  rather than mutual, reciprocal, respectful and nurturing  …you try to work on that ….acknowledge past mistakes …..maybe apologise…..chuck out that which is destructive …..and move on in a different more positive way …hmmmmmm (DON’T TRUST TRUMP tho ….sometimes divorce IS necessary ….people with psychopathic behaviour are VERY unlikely to change ….sorry folks but it’s true)

And in terms of systems ….a democratic system with a social, environmental agenda …a caring  capitalism if you like …..hmmmmmm 

I think I like this ….Hmmmmm I think …..I think
PS) IVE LOST THE CHUFFING OTHER POST!!! ….I had posted then deleted to save for after this one AND NOW ITS BLOODY GONE AND I CANT FIND IT IN MY READER NOW EITHER!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaagh!!! ….JUST when I was starting to see a silver bloody lining!!!!

Will have a look again later:(

6 thoughts on “I think I like this …..

  1. They are lots of movements to “make capitalism better”. For example, the b-corps (see: https://www.bcorporation.net).

    However, the problems which humanity faces are somewhat cyclic, and the problem with this cycle, is that nobody can take sense into the real decision makers.

    The current world system is like a vampire upon the souls of men, with nothing at its core, nobody to reason with… more like SkyNet than Doctor Evil.

    Nobody who questions the system can communicate with any human being who will implement positive changes to make it more fair, even as humanity suffers, including the portions of humanity who are meant to be customers. There is nobody to reason with, because “the system” was set up that way: on remote control, benefiting a handful of initiators, who are long dead, and have left their inheritance to those who profited from it as is, without realizing how much better it could be, for everyone including themselves.

    They are, rightfully, hiding from pitchforks for the most part… but pitchforks wouldn’t help, either. They need sound discourse, but at the same time, those who see the solutions are not connected to them. After all, for them, it is not a clear and present problem. Their problems are, mostly, keeping jobs or finding some sort of employment of time.

    The system can be dismantled or (my personal hope) reprogrammed, but it was not prevented, partly because the builders of the system were enjoying the fruits of slavery. Their descendants (us) grew up thinking that someone else has the power, rather than ourselves, and thus, as slavery is re-implemented via finance, social indoctrination, and imperialistic institutions, the “choice” of one master or the the other is the common discourse.

    To be free is to appear to be a failure, to most.

    It is not a realistic, sustainable option, either, without also being wealthy.

    Freedom, as a part of the rights of human beings, can be taken away by a multitude of suppressive forces, many of which are hidden within deceptive labels, like relationships or compromise.

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    1. Well in that case …sounds like all out war …prior to the outbreak of WW2 …..folk saw what was happening …ghettoising certain people …..speaking of in terms of ‘the other’ ….demonising ….and finally dehumanising.
      People thought Hitler was a joke at first ….but once in power …he managed to get the majority of the German people to either get involved with his new world vision of ethnic cleansing OR turn a blind eye

      You’re RIGHT in terms of not being able to talk sense into these Psychopathic leaders …BUT ….I guess it’s a process

      You have to first acknowledge the problem ….SEE IT ….which I feel a lot of people do

      Then it’s a case of gathering the evidence to EDUCATE people re what is REALLY happening out there

      Encourage to ‘get involved’ …’get active’

      Who knows

      Maybe WW3 might NOT use guns and ammunition ….it’s the 21st Century ….it might be a war played out on the psyche and the Internet …..and we might in actual fact be already in it!

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    2. Oh ….and what’s REALLY sinister about Trump is that he is stirring up shit ( Just like Nigel Farage did here with his Brexit campaign ….and getting us to be at war with each other in communities like mine ….thus far …fingers crossed ….since Jo Cox was murdered there has been no deaths …but there IS a rift which services are trying to be alert to and manage


    3. Laughing my head off!!! …..’The Best of the Literary Internet’??? …..dearie me …this is hilarious …I like your style tho …and your ambitions for Zap Pow …Tra La Li …influence in the world:D:D


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