I was forgetting ….

Early on in the life of ‘Blog On!!!’ ……I did a very simple post

‘Why I want a positive future’ …..you know …a safe and joyful world ..a world that is fair and CELEBRATES diversity …different skills and abilities …different gender …sexuality ….age …religion ..even social class …and whether black,white,skybluepink with yellow dots on …I mean ‘race’ …what’s race? …we’re the HUMAN bloody race …just ONE of numerous species on this planet and need to wake up to that fact!!!

I guess I have been inspired tonight by a Blog where the main editor ( a Mother who lost a son) has written an e’book which I just tried to buy on Amazon …..interestingly Amazon directs me to ‘main site for titles available in your country’ and I can’t find it …..WHY???
Hmmmmm …..ANYWAY am still going to follow the site there …it looks to have a FABULOUS ethos with some interesting  and positive stuff going on ……it’s called ‘The Millionaires Digest’ …which I can’t decide whether is tongue in cheek or genuine advice re how to make money from blogging with a concience ….a move to a 21st century kind ot ethos maybe?

Oh ….and I forgot to foreward the links to the other songs …maybe they weren’t speaking to my mood earlier
Anyway …perhaps I should never give up of my childhood ambition to be Peter Pan:D:D ….OK maybe Tink …oh ok then it’s about time I grew up….. ALWAYS keep a little spirit of 3 tho ….but you have to be savvy in Neverland ….we don’t want any more ‘lost boys’ do we?  ANYWHERE in the world ….lost girls either for that matter

And as for Captain bloody Hook!!!?? …he ALWAYS made me shiver:D:D:D

Anyway ….Thankyou ‘Millionaires Digest’…just knowing you’re out there has lifted my spirits at least

https://youtu.be/1iQl46-zIcM ( Soul II Soul …Keep on Movin)
https://youtu.be/SybgWaQy7_c ( Fleetwood Mac ..Don’t Stop)

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