Why have I got a thang for scruffy bearded men in hats these days?:D:D:D:D

This one’s an almost forgotten hero WORTH getting a thang for!!! …….READING!!!!


Because ALL I am hearing is SHIT!!!! ……….ooooops …apologies to any bearded men in hats no disrespect intended ……..am just in a funny old mood:D:D:D

Anyway the picture below is of a chap called ‘Kier Hardy’ ….read about him if you’re interested …read about him and THEN tell me their aren’t some similarities between the white working class of his days plight and slavery …YES …I’ve just SAID it!!!…the ‘Brexit’/’Trump’ phenomenon ( which I believe are one and the same) is not a white working class v race thing as such …it’s about ‘democracy’…truthful/honest information …and the classic ‘divide and rule’ ….yep …maybe read about him and see what you think

2 thoughts on “Why have I got a thang for scruffy bearded men in hats these days?:D:D:D:D

    1. Kier Hardy arv ….founder of ‘Socialism’ supporter of the end of ‘suffrage’ including workers rights ( many were young children) rights for women ….said ‘Socialism’ was not a ‘class’ issue but more a movement of fairness set against a backdrop of …hmmm you could liken it to slavery back then between the have and have nots ….came to India too apparantly …met Ghandi …ANYWAY interesting reading if you can find anything about him ….he was largely scorned and brushed under the carpet by the ‘establishment’ at the time ….it’s all very similar to Jeremy Corbyn now ….although Corbyn is appealing to the young trendies …the traditional working class don’t seem to believe he is for them I don’t know why and may have tipped the ‘Brexit’ vote …interesting reading arv:)

      Oh and Jeremy Corbyn is a bearded chap in a hat too:D:D:D

      But even today we have a lot to thank Kier Hardy for ….democracy’ reflecting the total population for one ….universal education …the NHS ….neither of these would have happened without him ….Hmmmm they’re under threat tho …government bending to a ‘corporate’ machine rather than the people …..this is why I ‘get’ Modi’s ‘anti corruption’ campaign ….cleaning up India’s monetry system forth with ….although it must be causing some mayhem ….from what I can see he might be sheltering India from being ‘bought’ and corrupted like we have been here ….ANYWAY what the hell do I know …interesting reading none the less


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