A little about ‘Trust & Respect’ ….

Gone out of the window these days it seems …I wonder why?

Ever wondered as a CEO about those actually producing your product …you know …the guys that actually make it …I guess it’s all about RESPECT!!!

Hmmmmm….respect has to be EARNED right?

Weeeeeeeell ….here’s a suprise for you …IT CUTS BOTH WAYS!!!

21st century business should be about COLLABORATION not top down ….listen to your employees ….treat them well …why should the guy on the shop floor actually making the product be treated with any less respect than those in the bloody boardroom!!!

Ha …yes well …ever the positive …trying to look for solutions ….here is what I suggest …and who the hell am I to say so …but what the hell its my blog I can say what I like and quite frankly right at this moment I don’t give a shit

BUT ….some solutions could be 

BACK TO THE FLOOR FOR CEO’s and others that may have lost perspective on what they are actually manufacturing ….not to ‘spy’ …but honestly say to the employees ‘RIGHT …show me the ropes and I’ll come and work alongside you for a week …be open …’I’ve lost perspective’ feel I need to learn from you what it’s like doing this job and you can tell me about any issues and we could work together on what might help improve it …yep …you need the customers but if you treat the guys on the shop floor like shit you ain’t got a happy company!!!!

Although FORTUNATELY for you many employees stoically go on …minimising any problems due to fear of losing their job ….FOLK HAVE TO EAT AND PUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD!!!

Hmmmmmm maybe try to live on a shop floor workers salary for a week too!!!!

Hmmmm and in actual fact …what about it working the other way …come and see what it’s like dong my job for a day …if things are GENUINELY going to change in a company …you know …OOooooooh look at this lovely glossy broshure we send out to customers ….hmmmmm but we miss out what it’s like for the folk that MAKE the damn product …..make it a REAL ‘we’re all in it together’ folk need to feel valued and respected and have a better understanding of the whole picture

Unless you’re ACTUALLY ashamed of your product of course

And ….and ….within a company folk have different skills, ability’s and attributes …encourage them …and NO they won’t ALL be able to make it to the boardroom or sales room or whatever ….and what if they are a good employee who is genuinely ill or somthing ..do you take an interest? …do you even care? …Hmmmm ok …maybe don’t even answer that one

One thing I have always found when working in a team …is that ALL are valuable with contributions to make …from the office cleaner to the Consultant ….Hmmmmmmmmmm RESPECT cuts both ways

And ShaTara …no I don’t want a comment am just in a funny mood due to somthing I just read!!!!


5 thoughts on “A little about ‘Trust & Respect’ ….

  1. I worked for Coca Cola for 42.5 years, forty of those unionized or I wouldn’t have been there more than the 2 first years. I had a saying for brass that would sometimes trickle down to our part of Canada for whatever reason, usually because the company was consolidated, split, bought, sold, revamped, upgraded, downgraded or a new King was installed. That saying was, “I bet if I were to go to Atlanta (corporate HQ) wearing this uniform and holding a can of Coke, I’d be asked who I was, and what that was in my hand.” That’s how out of touch these capital A-Holes were from “their business.” They weren’t businessmen, they were investment bankers. It didn’t matter what was “underneath” as long as they could buy and sell it. And this makes me think of Donald Trump in the White House… hmmm, now why would that come up, huh? “Why can’t I trade this White House, sell shares on the Dow Jones? It’s a thing I’m CEO of, so I can sell it.” Actually that might be a damn good thing. Trump House and Trumptagon shares saw brisk trading this morning with prices dropping slightly by mid afternoon… Predictably Russia and China showed particularly keen interests in buying large blocks of Trumptagon stocks…

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    1. Hmmmm I guess if the relationships were good between employees and those who own the company ….you know …mutual and reciprocal …based on respect and a shared pride in the product …you know back and forth …my favorite ‘systems theory’ …an osmotic carry on …fairness …there might not be a need for unions ….they ARE needed when folk are treated like ‘the other’ adding to the ‘them and us’ division …but then ..I’m an idealist in my brain …a bit of an idiot one …I do see the bigger picture tho …I detest bully tactics on either side …but you do often find those tend to come from top down!


      1. It’s one thing to want to be “fair” but on worlds like Earth, the question is always, “How do you meet someone who comes at you with a drawn sword?” There are so many examples in history of peaceful, peace ‘loving’ people who met their enemies with open arms and became their slaves or worse. When dealing with jobs and such, the moment you have an owner, a boss, a superior, your have a shift in energy. Power automatically moves like a magnet, away from the weak to the one who has the most. Power holders are vampires: the more they have, the more they need. You find this in all relationships: man and woman; parents and children, teachers and students, police and traffic law violator. How the superior power is expressed can be tempered by laws and law enforcement, but these are temporary measures. Unless and until the individual human being changes itself – and nothing outside of it can change the creature, it must be a volitional act of the will – then nothing can change here. Power versus power is how this system works; how it’s set-up. Denying it won’t change anything. Wishful thinking won’t change anything. Individuals have to make a complete mental break with their power-leeching system on three essential levels that must be completely destroyed: religion, government and money (business). As long as one, or three, of these rule your world, that’s how long you will remain a slave to power wielders. It’s a tough one to look at. Most would rather think in terms of “if I’m nice to them, they’ll be nice to me” or “I’ll plant a garden on common ground for everyone to enjoy and I’ll have a better neighbourhood and community.” In some cases that might even work, for a very limited time. I’ve seen those come and go, victims of vandals and developers. Ah well, just thinking with my keyboard here…


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