Blogging Off!!!

So ….this seems a fitting place to end ‘Blog On!!!’ …..need to hunker down …focus on looking for another job and spending quality time with the boys when I can….they’re growing up …it’s natural …I struggle with adapting more than they:D:D:D

I’m not really sure what ‘Blog On’ has been about:D:D:D

I thought it was going to be an extension of my personal journal writing really ….just rambling as is ….what’s been a bit shocking tho is that it started answering back:D:D:D     But in a way that’s probably been the best part …so Thankyou to all you folks who have checked in on this, what must look like a rather odd and amateurish site ….a little glimpse into ‘the head of one northern soul’:D:D:D

And I Thankyou for allowing me to dip my toe into the Bloggosphere and sample YOUR thoughts and creativity too ….it really HAS been reassuring ….the blogs I am following ….regardless of where you are in the world …what age,  gender, race, class, ability, religion or none ….apart from the language barrier ( and I’m ashamed to say MOST of you have better English than I) …yep …if you strip away all the barriers we ALL pretty much want AND appreciate the same things in life ….it’s NOT about ‘stuff’ is it? …..get BEYOND the ‘stuff’ …

Maybe blogging IS a modern way of sending a message in a bottle …we certainly live in interesting times ..a time of great change but I STILL feel there are more positives than negatives out there ..there’s ALWAYS turbulence before things settle down

I think when I started ‘Blog On’ I also thought it might be there for posterity for the boys …like Emma and Alice’s letters for me …thought maybe when they are adults and I’m no longer around they might stumble upon it and be able to hear my voice:D:D:D …..Hmmmmm they’re boys tho so maybe not interested ….maybe Lottie then:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….I don’t think that’s likely …Blogs aren’t really like that are they? ….well MINE certainly isn’t …it sticks and blocks and stuff disappears as it is and it’s only been around a year:D:D:D ……I bet it’s a case of if you don’t use your blog for a month or so it just disappears and you get that black and white crowd scene stating ‘This blog no longer exists’ which seems to happen out of the blue from time to time …..hmmmm think I’ll check it once a month or so ….test it like to see if it’s still there ….or maybe not …it’s best not to know’s bad enough when a ‘post’ disappears into the ether ..I’ve got a bit attached to ‘Blog On’ …..and I don’t want anyone nicking the title either …it’s part of my identity now …GOD listen at me:D:D:D:D ….it’s DEFINATELY time to go ….draw the line:D:D:D

What was it Zohra said? ‘This life … endless conversation with yourself …silent in sanity …audible in madness’ Hmmmmmmmm yes ….have spent a bit of time outdoors on the hill this weekend ….recognise the need to have a bit of ‘silence in sanity’ it does you good …that reassuring ‘nothing’ from where …if we’re REALLY lucky …we might be able to ‘listen to what we can’t hear’ for the clutter to quote pooh:D:D:D

Oh …it’ll all turn out in the wash

This is Blog On!!!
Still 1/2 a face…and yes of COURSE it’s the better 1/2:D:D …a year older…a lot wiser…but this time in colour …albeit autumn…ish:D:D:D ….yes ..yes ok had just whipped off the reading glasses ….you can only get by with squinting for so long you know before you have to admit defeat:D:D:D


Where was I? …
Ah yes …
Blogging Off!!!
It’s been one unexpected learning curve but this is where Blog On ends …best wishes to all ….respect to you AND myself:)

24 thoughts on “Blogging Off!!!

    1. DEFINATELY …you are my ‘Winter Lady’ or ‘being’ in the blogosphere:):):):):):):)
      Just needing to have my own version of silent retreat if you know what I mean …yes you do …think of it like Kayak’ing on the river:):):):):)

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  1. I wasn’t going to comment ’cause we have to let you go from here, but this is like a bouquet of nicely scented flowers I’d give you if we were physical neighbours. (Figured you’d need it after all that Pooh talk!) So, again, take care… and don’t reply or this will never end!!!

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  2. I don’t think blogs disappear if you don’t post. I’ve got a blog I haven’t touched for over a year, possibly two; I just checked and it’s still there.

    Consider it hibernation. You’ll probably develop a yearning to post something in about four weeks time!

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        1. Yes arv ….blogging is an outlet for that ….but ‘Blog On!!!’ Is all a bit random isn’t it ….hmmmmm maybe the title sums up the frustration I was feeling at the time and the randomness IS just how it is ….how it comes out ….trying to make sense of an often senseless world :D:D:D

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          1. Fijay! Blogging is all about our thoughts. How we name a blog becomes irrelevant after a time! If I had chosen some other name other than jaipurthrumylens, probably content would be same. So in that respect blog name is not that important. it’s about how you connect with readers. Right Fijay?

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  3. I’m sorry to see you’re giving up blogging. What a shame. Reality needs to keep the bullshit in check.
    I haven’t been blogging much, either, but I have been writing. And thinking about Look At the Sky, which I haven’t given up on. So much writing depends on not writing.

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