Old Years Night (2016)

Thats what some folk call it and I daren’t say ‘Happy New Year’ given the curve balls of 2016 ( Oh buggar….have just said it!!!! :D:D:D

But ANYWAY…..what the heck do you do when you thought you were ‘going with the flow’ then find the ‘flow’ wasnt what you thought it was….. JEEZUS!!!:D:D:D

SO….one way or another it DOES feel like out with the old for sure….but not entirely certain the ‘new’ we find ourselves with is anything to be ‘happy’ about.. ..at least I feel pretty clear about  what we are facing….hmmmmm…. just have to ride the waves as best we can and hope it doesn’t get toooooo stormy before we all hopefully find calm and sparkly waters

Must admit….  the last couple of years have found it VERY hard to stay centred….a kind of restless feeling…but I guess now my inner discontent…the rhetoric not matching reality is all making sense…..maybe a bit late in the day but still

2016 will go down as one of pivotal change. ..and sadly not for the good…it really HAS been awful this year …. I guess it all depends what happens next………

I would say ‘feel the luuuuurve’ but have grown up a bit this year….. about bloody time:D:D:D

Hmmmmm  keep asking questions like an annoying 3 year old though:D:D:D …..AND partake in the childish pastime of joining the dots…….you know….you join the dots to see the full picture;)

The ‘Game’ 

SO…..well played Mr Putin….denial of the allegations of hacking and interfering with the electoral process in the US…instead putting on an extravagant ‘ entertainment ‘ spectacle in moscow…….a nice diversion from the screaming poverty of  the vast majority of Russian people and defying  expectation by NOT retaliating to Obama’s  action of expelling Russian diplomats but instead inviting the US diplomats in Russia and their families to further revellry at  a New Years Party….if it wasnt so serious it would be funny 

I find myself agreeing with Trump on ONE thing!!!

Mr Putin is VERY clever…. we are seeing these 2  very powerful buddies portraying themselves as the good guys of the world….. 

…..for now

Unless of course they’ve had some kind of miraculous epiphany;)

Hmmmm I’ve been doing a bit of reading of late….weeeeell….Eric is deceased so I only have my phone as usable tech at the mo (So I apologise to any followers if I’m not visiting sites as previous….my viewing and commenting ability is a little limited…hmmmm I wonder why?…no…no…just joking:D:D:D

But YES one book I have just finished is ‘Big Data’ by Viktor Mayer Schonberger and Kenneth Cukler…. and ok perhaps I’m a bit slow on the uptake..think it came out in 2010

BUT….if like me you HAVEN’T read it, its WELL worth it….an easy and honest flip thro the positives and dangers of our information technology revolution…and from what I have read…yep…most things mentioned have….or are now coming to fruition.

And thanks R …will give it back when your next mentoring at the Uni…don’t have access to emails either just now but will get it sorted.

Striding out on ‘Box in’ day….. 

Watched the Queen’s Christmas day speech to the nation with the boys..yep….it may suprise you that I was brought up doing so…. I have said before I DO respect this woman…born of a different time with a father  who wasn’t even MEANT to be king…and SUCH responsibilty or ‘duty’… yep… it has to be said that she has handled all the changes and upheavals in her life and lifetime PERFECTLY….

We  watched Brendan Cox’s speech tho also…

I am a firm believer in ‘democracy’….preferably when the arguments put foreward are truthful (you wouldnt BELIEVE what Farrage did last week or maybe you WOULD)
ANYWAY….both Christmas speeches are recommended viewing if you get chance….both dignified and pertinant

The Queen ended by saying ‘If love is there it will grow’

Will it tho?

2016 was the year humanity felt to take a GREAT leap backwards in MANY ways….but as Brendan said…it might just be a wake up  call….hate is not an inevitability…and if HE can say that WELL I guess there’s hope afterall

I guess I’d add that here in the 21st century inequity isnt inevitable either…or shouldnt be…. but power tends to be greedy so THATS a tough call…..altruism, philanthropy maybe?…..WELL it happens SOMETIMES:D:D:D

Are those in positions of power ABLE….are we REALLY ‘ all in it together’….


ANYWAY….. as the boys were with their Dad I went for a walk yesterday…. Boxing Day….or maybe ‘Box In Day’….the day after the festivities when you NEED to get out and BREATH!!!!:D:D:D

A BEAUTIFUL clear,cold and blustery day….one of those crisp clear days where even with my cheap as chips phone camera things appeared to be in HD….FABULOUS!!! 

Where I went there is an old castle ruin…couldnt get across the moat easily tho…you’ll see why when you look at the pictures:D:D:D

It made me laugh…SO the bridge is an ‘unsafe structure’ …for WHO tho I wonder…I don’t know about you but I always thought bridges were a good thing….. barriers whether actual or metaphorical tend to cause ALLSORTS of problems…….

BUT never mind….. with a bit of a scramble and keeping your wits about you it IS possible to see the view from the other side crisply and clearly….and its not about race, religion or even social class…or shouldnt be…its about those of privelage and power and how they choose to use OR abuse it

Ah…well..we’re hurtling towards 2017…wonder what will happen THIS year…lets hope that theres lots of crisp clear days in HD for us ALL

Oh…and womans perogative…have changed my mind….. will keep blogging on…well c’mon have never really managed to stop:D:D:D

Santa has BEEN!!!!

….and she’s sitting right here having wrapped and delivered the pressies, troughed the mince pie and raw carrot…leaving JUST enough crumbs  as evidence  along with the empty wine glass, having knocked back a glass… ok a couple of Malbec…

…. feeling a bit warm and giddy:):):):)

….why she still goes thro this annual routine she’s not entirely sure…I mean its not as if the boys still believe in… 

….she’s wondering if she’ll ALWAYS do it, even when sitting in the Shakletons high seat in the ‘Dunromin’ sheltered housing complex….. OR will she jack everything in, buy a clapped out van and annoy people by just parking up and living in their drives like the old lady in the movie she’s just watched :D:D:D

Hmmm…its a funny carry on the whole Santa thing isnt It?

Oh god….the rooms spinning a bit…I think Santa might be a bit tipsy

Better go to bed….at least its unlikely the kids will be up at the crack of dawn like they used to, so a bit of a lie in at least

Hmmmm….’Santa has been’ or is Santa a ‘ has been’ now as the boys are getting older…..SHOULD Santa be a ‘has been ‘ ANYWAY….is it about magic or the whole thing a bit weird?…OH MY GOD I THINK ITS ME THATS STOPPED BELIEVING!!!!

Does anyone else notice these transitions as keenly as I or do they just usually kind of happen  ….. you know…one day you wake up and think ‘Hey.. .when did I stop chewing raw carrots and spitting crumbs on a plate pretending I was a reindeer on Christmas eve?’

Hmmmm….maybe next year I’ll just have the wine ….got to wean myself off this ritual gently I reckon 😉

ANYWAY G’night & Merry Christmas  x


Fracking update…..Hmmmm apparantly the company which has just got the go ahead in North Yorkshire is called ‘Third Energy’ owned by Barclays which was bailed out by  Saudi Royals apparantly ( and probably us tax payers before it was sold off to them)

BUT  on a positive note Drax power station just outside Selby has completed its switch from coal power to full bio fuel and its actually a british owned company….I think …HUZZAH!!!! shame its wood pellets not pooh pellets …but STILL:):):):)

So it doesnt make sense why ‘Fracking’ is getting the go ahead when the general public doesn’t want it does it?

Oh…and MORE ‘terrorist’ attacks in europe….the assasination of a Russian diplomat by a Turkish ex police officer AND a lorry driven into one of Berlins Christmas markets, killing members of the public and tourists 

Hmmm and we’ve been having an update on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training including the goverments ‘Prevent’ strategy at work. All about recognising warning signs re radicalisation, both Islamist and  Britain First, and the rise of ‘hate crimes’ as well as potential issues if/when folk who may have gone off to join rebel forces in Syria start returning…..

I STILL feel the vast majority of folk are ok tho….but the media rhetoric isn’t helping ….feels like barriers are going up left, right and centre when REALLY it is more important than EVER to COMMUNICATE ..build on the things we all have in common NOT dialogue of seperatism

Net neutrality, open communication and reading between the lines really IS key right now….keeping perpective and not allowing fear and seperatism to dominate….its not easy tho is it?….I’ve noticed lately I am no longer able to access some sites I did previously…when I try it says… ‘ this site not available in your country’…..WHY?….is it since I changed wifi provider?…. could it be that SKY censors or blocks access in/to some countries?….is it just my accounts are all iffy since I was hacked?

I dont know about you but the more difficult I find getting accurate information the more determined I am to get it…is 2017 going to be the year Blog On!!! looses its frivolity?…..is it going to be the year I stop pretending I’m some kind of fluffy headed flirt and finally grow up a bit?:D:D:D

Hmmmm….I guess its a case of watch this space:D:D:D

2016 really HAS been quite a year!!!


So…..been busy the last couple of weeks… thought….ok this past year or so have locked myself away…yep theres work where I must speak to hundreds of folk within a week….then theres parenting 2 teenage boys….or should I say taxiing, haranging to put the loo seat down after use, ditto rinse out the shower, put laundry in the basket NOT just drop clothes where taken off, bring plates and cups downstairs after use, throw packets away if they’ve used the last of the contents, the constant C’MON WAKE UP WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE !!!! on a weekday morning despite them both having alarms go off ( has anyone else noticed how heavily teenage boys sleep and how much food they eat?)…oh and the regular TURN THAT DOWN!!!!…. referring to Matt and his…his…was going to say ‘music’….then again he has been brought up with Bjork periodically in the background who I am aware is an aquired taste so am limited what I can say:D:D:D

ANYWAY…where was I? 

Ah yes…..so time off tended to be spent  lounging around with the papers ( yep….nothing like the ACTUAL weekend papers for me) and Eric ( ipad)

And I dont know about you…but 2016 has been pretty awful hasnt it?…..we had the boxing day floods here ( quite pertinant really…hot on the heels of the climate change summit in Paris) in fact we’ve had pretty wierd weather all year.

We had another chop chop at work….’austerity cuts’.. . ( My arse…its privatisation FAR beyond even Thatcher was prepared to go…..private companies providing health/ social care cost more and cherry pick…end of) Junior Drs being portrayed in the media as some kind of ‘ enemy of the state’

Those of us left in our particular part of the service kitted out with ‘ lone worker kit’ allegedly for our safety and protection…well ok…but I felt like I was becoming android…..AND I LIKE BEING HUMAN:D:D:D

In and among….nay as a backdrop really… we had the ‘EU referendum campaign’…..the term ‘Brexit’coined, and quite frankly, their campaign led by Nigel Farrage and the UKIP party, joined by bumbling Boris ( who I weirdly cant help liking….as a personality….but DEF not as foolish as he appears) ….anyway…yes…their campaign was SO ridiculous…thought NO ONE would take it seriously (and YES I’m of white working class heritage)

THEN….one of our lovely local MP’s was shot and killed ….sending the comunity here reeling….a RARE example of a politician with integrity, sound ideals who REALLY put the work in at grass roots level as well as parliament…and really COULD a few years down the line….. well who knows?……we’ll NEVER know now sadly

THEN…..the referendum RESULT!!!!!????

Nothing made sense!!!!

THEN….started taking more notice of what was going on ‘across the pond’ as they say…….the US presidential election.. and….!!!!!….. and…..????…. things started to look sinister

AND…..we have the ongoing Syrian war….a 5 year war that began with a peaceful protest by the Syrian people against the dictatorial regime of their prime minister…. BOOM….’ enemies of the state’…..folks running off to join the ‘ rebels’….factions forming…. ‘isis terrorists’ in there…. Russia, Saudi Arabia, US…us earlier this year…Uncle Tom Cobley and all jumping in….an ABSOLUTE and bloody nightmare!!!

The once beautiful, historic city of Aleppo  reduced to rubble….more Syrians having fled the country than actually remaining….and who can blame them GOD knows how many have been killed…. YET the likes of Trump and Farrage demonising…dehumanising ‘the other’…..and what is MOST worrying is the media is currently NORMALISING this!!!!

I personally actually started the year pretty positive…..well…..at least seeing dandilions through the cracks in the pavement…..then its felt like SLAM…BHAM….BHAM!!!

We COULD have been at the cusp of something amazing I felt….the vast majority of people across the world all pretty much after the same thing….believe me I’ve felt wrong in my life but NEVER as wrong as this…..

To me….now….its potentially or ACTUALLY the end of ‘democracy’….hmmmm if its ever truly existed at all….maybe the global capitalist elite too….but the latter are putting up one hell of a fight

Is all this a case of the bigotted white mans last Hurrah??….theyve manipulated the media, played INCREDIBLY dirty tricks to maintain power and control….and for WHAT!!!!????

Do they get off on all this?…..YEP….as I said before….psychopaths just like to be in control of the ‘game’ and have absolutely NO empathy….can be very charming and convincing tho….to start with

SO….what can we do?

I don’t really know

All I can say is for the past couple of weeks I’ve been largely getting away from the ‘tech’ 

Applied for a different job…..watch this space

Got involved with trying to save a historic building and keep it in public use ( hopefully for grass roots community organisations….but again…watch this space…..think TESCO may have already put in a bid)

And have been out with the local Sheriff…an ‘awareness’ campaign re whats happening to the NHS locally and nationally ( the Sheriff is actually Paula Sheriff ANOTHER lovely MP we have around here)

And when all is said and done…have decided NOT to lock myself away…but SOCIALISE…. below are some of my lovely people taken last night…dont know why the pics are kind of blurred and yellow…think its my shit phone camera:D:D:D….and P’s not in there who greets everyone, somewhat hopefully as ‘brothers and sisters of the revolution’ :D:D:D…we’ll see….will go down knowing we’re some of the good guys at least….and wheres K? …. ex ‘Wondergirl’ who lived on a purple  barge…has sold it…migrated like some kind of housemartin whose popped back for winter and has invited us out to the new abode next year….

Ah well…always forget to take pics which looking at this little lot is maybe just as well

Hmmmm and am thinking of starting a new blog next year….not sure of a name tho….still like ‘Blog On!!!’……but would LOVE something demure that alluded to serenity, elegance and calm..one of those blogs with a zenlike background and beautiful imagery….maybe I should become a poet and weave wonderful words of harmony and wisdom… or be a bitter, cynical one… what do you reckon?:D:D:D:D

Any ideas and/or  legitimate offers of technical help most welcome

Oh….and Eric is dead!!!!…. doing this post on my phone:D:D:D

Hmmmm questions that need answering NEXT year me thinks……. 

  1.  Who owns the company behind the Dakota pipeline in the US???
  2.  Who owns the company behind ‘Fracking’ which is popping up all over the place here  in the UK against community and local government wishes???

  3.   Who exactly is Donald Trump going to have working for him in parliament… and what are thier business interests???

  4.  Whats happened to the ‘Panama’ papers?……I would like to see them published wouldn’t  you?

  5.   What happened to the Levison Enquiry?…..why was there no REAL outcome and we continue to see the Murdoch media empire take over?

  6.   How can’ net neutrality’ be maintained and folk understand the difference between REAL and….. the newly termed in 2016 phrase ‘FAKE NEWS’…..and YES Obama….hurry up and get those questions asked about Putin….you ARE the coolest world leader there has EVER been even tho your hands were tied….(well…ok….there was Jesus….Mohammed and the Buddha but we didnt have global communication then and it took a while for word to get around:D:D;D)

Hmmmmm I wish I could just be interested in somthing like…..like…. oh I dont know…..the X Factor final or something 

Hmmmm how can the level of interest THOSE shows garner be switched to what is REALLY going on

Hmmmm and ok….ok…..lets look at a positive….earlier in the year I was under the mistaken belief that David Attenborough had died ( I dont know why?…. celebs were popping off left right and centre and…. well anyway)…. NO….I am happy to say he is very much alive and kicking at 90 and the highlight of recent Sunday nights has been watching the FABULOUS series ‘Planet Earth 2’…….a follow up to the award winning series ‘Planet Earth’….and…. AND….it kicked the chuffing stupid X Factor off the top of the viewing charts HUZZAH!!!!.

…..Hmmmm Im still a fan of ‘Gogglebox’ tho…..yes well THATS different:D:D:D……a programme where you watch a cross section of the british public watching T.V and their reactions….ok it sounds bizarre but is strangely heartening I find:D:D:D

Oh….. and Leicester City’s footballing success this year of course….cant forget that….britain at its best…multi racial teamwork and rank outsiders miraculously making it to the top FABULOUS

ANYWAY….enjoy the festive season….the season to enjoy the company of friends and family … and all the best for 2017 :):):)