Fracking update…..Hmmmm apparantly the company which has just got the go ahead in North Yorkshire is called ‘Third Energy’ owned by Barclays which was bailed out by  Saudi Royals apparantly ( and probably us tax payers before it was sold off to them)

BUT  on a positive note Drax power station just outside Selby has completed its switch from coal power to full bio fuel and its actually a british owned company….I think …HUZZAH!!!! shame its wood pellets not pooh pellets …but STILL:):):):)

So it doesnt make sense why ‘Fracking’ is getting the go ahead when the general public doesn’t want it does it?

Oh…and MORE ‘terrorist’ attacks in europe….the assasination of a Russian diplomat by a Turkish ex police officer AND a lorry driven into one of Berlins Christmas markets, killing members of the public and tourists 

Hmmm and we’ve been having an update on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training including the goverments ‘Prevent’ strategy at work. All about recognising warning signs re radicalisation, both Islamist and  Britain First, and the rise of ‘hate crimes’ as well as potential issues if/when folk who may have gone off to join rebel forces in Syria start returning…..

I STILL feel the vast majority of folk are ok tho….but the media rhetoric isn’t helping ….feels like barriers are going up left, right and centre when REALLY it is more important than EVER to COMMUNICATE on the things we all have in common NOT dialogue of seperatism

Net neutrality, open communication and reading between the lines really IS key right now….keeping perpective and not allowing fear and seperatism to dominate….its not easy tho is it?….I’ve noticed lately I am no longer able to access some sites I did previously…when I try it says… ‘ this site not available in your country’…..WHY?….is it since I changed wifi provider?…. could it be that SKY censors or blocks access in/to some countries?….is it just my accounts are all iffy since I was hacked?

I dont know about you but the more difficult I find getting accurate information the more determined I am to get it…is 2017 going to be the year Blog On!!! looses its frivolity?… it going to be the year I stop pretending I’m some kind of fluffy headed flirt and finally grow up a bit?:D:D:D

Hmmmm….I guess its a case of watch this space:D:D:D

2016 really HAS been quite a year!!!

2 thoughts on “PSS

  1. OK Fijay, I’ll just “watch this space” and see what it has to say. The more I read about “the UK” (which I used to call “England”) the more confused I get about what is going on there. Seems like there’s almost as much turmoil as in Syria!!! – except that it isn’t war-violent, just strident. Not “British” at all, at all. What happened to that stolid spirit, the one we still read about so prevalent during WWII that we all admired so much? Where are the heroes who went to Dunkirk to get the boys before the Germans got there? The ones who flew the RAF over the Channel and over a Nazi-held France? You know what I’m talking about? I just wonder. I mean, Donald Trump can’t make “America great again” because it never was great, but England was… to us. Now that you’ve pulled out of the EU – a courageous and loyal to the land move in my opinion though many can’t see it that way because of the globalist agenda brainwash – you have a chance to be yourselves again. Not a motley crew of globalist slaves, but an independent people. You have a chance to regain control of your constitutional monarchy and be England. Or doesn’t anybody want that anymore? I don’t understand why particularly in Europe people are selling out to the Corporatist, globalist agenda. When someone stands up against it, they’re immediately accused of being fascists. Once upon a time Europeans were educated people who understood their politics and took it seriously. Now? All I see is mega confusion. And it is deliberately disseminated by the forces of globalism who foist ever more “international trade treaties” upon individual nations so they lose their political power and individuality. The global melting pot is not the way to go: it won’t bring the peace and prosperity it dangles as a carrot. It brings the exact opposite. My opinion. Lt me know if you want me to keep it to myself.

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    1. Hey ShaTara…..weeeeell……I guess for me I was deeply disappointed by the vote to exit the european union….I saw it as the biggest peace project in history considering WW2.
      Not only that….but here in England…there is a lot of wealth in London and the South but the further North you go ( particularly the old industrial areas) the poorer it gets….even tho its a small island it almost feels like 2 seperate countries. Funding on infrastructure and ‘ development’ here in the industrial north up to press has tended to come from the eu …pretty much not on the radar of national government and the large financial institutions…so the implications for business, education, the arts. charitable projects are worrying. Not to mention the ease of flow between here and europe.
      However, the majority HAVE voted to exit ( by a whisker) so as its a democratic decision it has to be honored in my book….and YES I think the goverment and some of the press is harping on reminiscent of ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ and all that….but those days were DEFINATELY no walk in the park….I remember the stories my elders told me….yep… they survived it…..they had no choice and perhaps you’re right in terms of the lifestyle here going to have to roll back in that way….the country be more self reliant/sufficient….and if it does I believe folk WILL make the most of it…and maybe thats whats happening at the moment as the country has drawn up the drawbridge so to speak….concentrating on here with a nod to the global maybe….and maybe better relations with the ex ‘ commonwealth’ countries now not tied in to europe and the ?US…..its one heck of a gamble tho…..and I must say….that having grown up in an area with a mixed population…I LIKE what immigration has brought to this country in terms of culture, music, food etc
      I cannot imagine life without curry. traditional english breafast, italian pasta, thai noodles and celebrating christmas, eid, diwali and chinese new year for example…. I like the mish mash…if it was all warm beer and cricket on the lawn ( which I dont think it ever was….not totally anyway) I think I would be bored to tears:D:D:D

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