Santa has BEEN!!!!

….and she’s sitting right here having wrapped and delivered the pressies, troughed the mince pie and raw carrot…leaving JUST enough crumbs  as evidence  along with the empty wine glass, having knocked back a glass… ok a couple of Malbec…

…. feeling a bit warm and giddy:):):):)

….why she still goes thro this annual routine she’s not entirely sure…I mean its not as if the boys still believe in… 

….she’s wondering if she’ll ALWAYS do it, even when sitting in the Shakletons high seat in the ‘Dunromin’ sheltered housing complex….. OR will she jack everything in, buy a clapped out van and annoy people by just parking up and living in their drives like the old lady in the movie she’s just watched :D:D:D

Hmmm…its a funny carry on the whole Santa thing isnt It?

Oh god….the rooms spinning a bit…I think Santa might be a bit tipsy

Better go to bed….at least its unlikely the kids will be up at the crack of dawn like they used to, so a bit of a lie in at least

Hmmmm….’Santa has been’ or is Santa a ‘ has been’ now as the boys are getting older…..SHOULD Santa be a ‘has been ‘ ANYWAY….is it about magic or the whole thing a bit weird?…OH MY GOD I THINK ITS ME THATS STOPPED BELIEVING!!!!

Does anyone else notice these transitions as keenly as I or do they just usually kind of happen  ….. you know…one day you wake up and think ‘Hey.. .when did I stop chewing raw carrots and spitting crumbs on a plate pretending I was a reindeer on Christmas eve?’

Hmmmm….maybe next year I’ll just have the wine ….got to wean myself off this ritual gently I reckon 😉

ANYWAY G’night & Merry Christmas  x

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