Striding out on ‘Box in’ day….. 

Watched the Queen’s Christmas day speech to the nation with the boys..yep….it may suprise you that I was brought up doing so…. I have said before I DO respect this woman…born of a different time with a father  who wasn’t even MEANT to be king…and SUCH responsibilty or ‘duty’… yep… it has to be said that she has handled all the changes and upheavals in her life and lifetime PERFECTLY….

We  watched Brendan Cox’s speech tho also…

I am a firm believer in ‘democracy’….preferably when the arguments put foreward are truthful (you wouldnt BELIEVE what Farrage did last week or maybe you WOULD)
ANYWAY….both Christmas speeches are recommended viewing if you get chance….both dignified and pertinant

The Queen ended by saying ‘If love is there it will grow’

Will it tho?

2016 was the year humanity felt to take a GREAT leap backwards in MANY ways….but as Brendan said…it might just be a wake up  call….hate is not an inevitability…and if HE can say that WELL I guess there’s hope afterall

I guess I’d add that here in the 21st century inequity isnt inevitable either…or shouldnt be…. but power tends to be greedy so THATS a tough call…..altruism, philanthropy maybe?…..WELL it happens SOMETIMES:D:D:D

Are those in positions of power ABLE….are we REALLY ‘ all in it together’….


ANYWAY….. as the boys were with their Dad I went for a walk yesterday…. Boxing Day….or maybe ‘Box In Day’….the day after the festivities when you NEED to get out and BREATH!!!!:D:D:D

A BEAUTIFUL clear,cold and blustery day….one of those crisp clear days where even with my cheap as chips phone camera things appeared to be in HD….FABULOUS!!! 

Where I went there is an old castle ruin…couldnt get across the moat easily tho…you’ll see why when you look at the pictures:D:D:D

It made me laugh…SO the bridge is an ‘unsafe structure’ …for WHO tho I wonder…I don’t know about you but I always thought bridges were a good thing….. barriers whether actual or metaphorical tend to cause ALLSORTS of problems…….

BUT never mind….. with a bit of a scramble and keeping your wits about you it IS possible to see the view from the other side crisply and clearly….and its not about race, religion or even social class…or shouldnt be…its about those of privelage and power and how they choose to use OR abuse it

Ah…well..we’re hurtling towards 2017…wonder what will happen THIS year…lets hope that theres lots of crisp clear days in HD for us ALL

Oh…and womans perogative…have changed my mind….. will keep blogging on…well c’mon have never really managed to stop:D:D:D

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