Old Years Night (2016)

Thats what some folk call it and I daren’t say ‘Happy New Year’ given the curve balls of 2016 ( Oh buggar….have just said it!!!! :D:D:D

But ANYWAY…..what the heck do you do when you thought you were ‘going with the flow’ then find the ‘flow’ wasnt what you thought it was….. JEEZUS!!!:D:D:D

SO….one way or another it DOES feel like out with the old for sure….but not entirely certain the ‘new’ we find ourselves with is anything to be ‘happy’ about.. ..at least I feel pretty clear about  what we are facing….hmmmmm…. just have to ride the waves as best we can and hope it doesn’t get toooooo stormy before we all hopefully find calm and sparkly waters

Must admit….  the last couple of years have found it VERY hard to stay centred….a kind of restless feeling…but I guess now my inner discontent…the rhetoric not matching reality is all making sense…..maybe a bit late in the day but still

2016 will go down as one of pivotal change. ..and sadly not for the good…it really HAS been awful this year …. I guess it all depends what happens next………

I would say ‘feel the luuuuurve’ but have grown up a bit this year….. about bloody time:D:D:D

Hmmmmm  keep asking questions like an annoying 3 year old though:D:D:D …..AND partake in the childish pastime of joining the dots…….you know….you join the dots to see the full picture;)

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