Go Ken

Always said he was the best Tory Prime Minister there never was…the lone sensible voice amongst the cacophany of Tories in the house of commons at the mo….AND he wears suede shoes….stick to your guns on this one Ken….think you’re ABSOLUTELY right!

Suede shoes are goooooood

(I’m referring to Ken Clarke) 
Oh and Jeremy?…….maybe its time to step down…….think the ‘crush’ might be over…..lovely man and all that ….but a LOT has happened since the HUGE wave of ‘Jezza love’…..we’re talking taking on out and out facists in MANY guises now….maybe let Tom (Watson) have a go….he did a BRILLIANT job questioning Murdoch during the Levison enquiry…..Hmmmm or maybe Emily Thornbury

Actually I’m fed up of the Labour Party…… never thought would hear myself say that either….but hey…might as well join the whole world shake up

Hmmmm….what a mess…..maybe we should forget about political parties at the mo….we have 2 distinct camps across the political party spectrum….. Brexiteers and EU Remainers now 

One things for sure….someone across the pond will be LOVING this…..

AND Dr Who has abdicated…..actually havent watched Peter Capaldi’s Dr but STILL….its ALWAYS a big thing when ‘The Dr’ regenerates

Oooh I know….bugger politics lets have a national vote on who will be the new Dr and put our faith and give all the power to HIM ( or her) 

Might as well….the USA has elected a reality TV host who’s running the country on similar lines….

Phew… Blimey…wheres it all going to end

Not looking too good at the mo is it

Article 50


Can we not say its all been some horrible mistake.

That David Cameron only took us to EU referendum to put the situation to bed once and for all….believing it would solve the 1/2 in 1/2 out problem…..that we didn’t expect a very rich psychopathic meglomaniac to test the waters by using his puppy to start a nasty and divisive campaign here built on lies ( or alternative truths)

That we’re just a small island…..its hard going it alone…..and now it is creating a VERY dangerous situation as we are about to be taken over by a dictator 

Just say ‘sorry folks’…..we got carried away…..it can be easy done where Psychopaths are concerned BUT we are waking up now… couldn’t BELIEVE this would happen.

PLEASE let us come back into the fold….we identify with EUROPE….we want to be fully part of the biggest peace project in history not be instrumental in dismantling  it.

Can we do that?

Can we?

Can we?

Better to be a little shame faced than lead us further down this path. …we’re barely a week in to the new US presidency….can you IMAGINE the carnage in a years time?

Never thought I’d hear myself say this BUT maybe this IS where the ‘Royal Perogative’ is needed

Yep she’s 90 years old….but in the current climate….maybe she COULD prove to be the one that gets us out of this mess!

Message from a Muslim Sister…..

I pass this little shop every day and  frequent the sandwich shop run by her parents next door… along with most other workers who occupy the mill ( yes am still there but in another guise soon)…plus tradesmen…builders, joiners, electricians who base themselves in units round about…oh…and a  wonderful old guy and retired construction engineer with an impressive snowy white handlebar mustache who cycles ALLOVER yorkshire and LOVES to pop in every day when he’s around for ‘todays special’ and the banter

ANYWAY it cheered up an otherwise grey and drizzly morning
Message to our current leaders tho….both political and royal

SERIOUSLY think you’ll loose it….both on the domestic front and internationally if you cozy up to someone who is possibly the biggest white male supremacist on the planet…. OK there’s Putin too….Hmmmm but nuff said 

Oh…..and Theresa, Lizzie?…..you reckon to be women of ‘faith’ don’t you?…Christians isn’t it? 

Weeeeeell…..in case you didn’t know…Christians,Muslims and Jews are blood relatives….ALL decendents of a chap called Abraham apparantly.

Hmmmmm I’m not ‘relgious’ myself but usually respect folk who are….if they are about promoting peace and unity……WITH THE PEOPLE….you know….the ones you are allegedly here to serve….and lets not forget the current status quo is there but by a whisker ( if indeed there was no further foul play getting there which may come to light at a later date)


All I can do at the moment is be physically out there…and witness

Full ‘State Visit’???

There’s a debate going on here about whether or not to welcome a certain chap here with a ‘full state visit’

This is where the queens guards polish off their boots and bring out the golden coaches for the all singing all dancing quirky spectacle that is the royal parade plus banquets etc…..and I think the queen gets to don her crown

Hmmmmm…..a tough one

When you’re a kid do you invite the playground bully to your birthday party

Hmmmmm…yes I guess you do BUT you don’t give him special treatment

I guess the powers that be here in the UK could organise a bit of a run of ‘full state visits’

Maybe invite Adama Barrow of Gambia first…..he did used to live in exile in London and whilst here lived an ordinary life as an employee of Argos… a humble.man

Hmmmm….and perhaps next on the list could be Enrique Peno Neito the president of Mexico….

Yep…..ok……these 2 first THEN offer the president of the USA an invitation

We don’t want things to go to the mans head…..think he’s ‘special’ do we?

Hmmmmm…..or alternatively we could just say to he and his aides….sorry but the queens carriages are out of action…..the wheels have dropped off!

‘Special’ relationship?

When it comes to world affairs there is no ‘special’ relationship SURELY

Relationships YES…..global ones….mutual, reciprocal, fair….moving on up to serve the interests of the whole….’Global’ serving the ‘Globe’ the clue is in the title….is bigger than the man who thinks he’s the ‘big man’

‘Special’ relationship tho Theresa? 

This island will just be shoved further down into the US pocket

Is this the culture people want?

Is this REALLY the ‘change’ people were hungry for?

Is this what people wanted when they voted….if indeed the election outcome was true

We KNOW the dirty tricks….or should I say ‘alternative truths’ ( lies) the double whammy neo natzi campaigns barely dressed as a combination of ‘common sense’ and ‘business’

Hmmmmm…..but we ALSO know of cyber crime and figure fixing

Difficult to ‘prove’ just YET

But its not feeling right is it….its feeling very uncomfortable isnt it

Its palpable in the air…….

I’m British and don’t like this at ALL….am yet to meet anyone who actually does….unless EVERYONES lying

Why not use the word ‘Special relationship’ with the eu in negotiations instead of WW2 rhetoric

What about the ‘Special relationship’ with ex commonwealth countries…and developing others….China for example

Theresa….THERESA….ok….so you will have to meet with the bloke….use the term then if you think it will help….then walk away… pull your pussy hat from your handbag….slip it on for the press photos then declare you are off to meet the president of China or Saudi Arabia with a view to nurturing a ‘special relationship’

Think  I’m living in some kind of parralell universe

What planet am I on again?

RIGHT….need to get on…door knocking to do


My God!!!!

Have been boycotting media the last couple of days….then this afternoon heard about womens marches going on ALLOVER the place!!!

Just popped Channel 4 News on…..and….WOW!!! 

Have you SEEN the aireal images of the womens marches in US cities..and London….and Australia….and the Phillapines apparantly ..and…and…anywhere else?… am not entirely sure

But this is BIGGER than Trump and his misogyny isn’t it?

This is not JUST a womens protest….tho I feel sooooo proud to be female right now….and I rather like those natty pussy hats ideal for the cold winter weather…MUST get one

But ANYWAY… its a protest against oppression,hate and division isnt it? 

Its a demonstration….a solidarity with women across the world…its about feminist values….and REAL men support that they DON’T trample over, subjugate and bully….men and women work in partnership as team players or thats the ideal anyway…. its 2017 NOT 1817 and we were moving foreward globally…or starting to

WHATEVER…..you cannot know how seeing this has made me feel….I’m just disappointed that in my stupid, stubborn way I had a single woman media  boycott (plus still having a tech nightmare) so didn’t bloody join in… DRAT!!!!

Hmmmm have also got Sam on crutches at the mo too so would have proved difficult BUT no matter….its just the start…

‘Love trumps Hate’

‘Love trumps Hate’

keep that mantra…..keep the momentum…..  it’s ‘collateral beauty’ isn’t it? :):):):):):):):)