Question: Is Trump fit to be President?

The panel pusdyfooting around being polite

Don’t underestimate Trump!!! say I….there is a DELIBERATE attempt to cause divisions throughout the domestic AND international community

A Power Game pure and simple…you cannot rationalise a Psychopathic Meglamaniacs behaviour!!!….end of

And he will suround himself with like minds

NHS in crisis?…..just visit Dewsbury A&E and compare it to 10 years ago….then agsin it IS one of the hospitals being wound down for closure… in favour of the development of the all singing all dancing Pinderfields..whose A&E itself was in crisis the other week

Agree with the chap who just said there is a funnel effect re funding with the ACTUAL front line service…the folk DELIVERING the service being the spout

Hmmmmm…are current times desperate enough to require a coalition cross party government I wonder?

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