My God!!!!

Have been boycotting media the last couple of days….then this afternoon heard about womens marches going on ALLOVER the place!!!

Just popped Channel 4 News on…..and….WOW!!! 

Have you SEEN the aireal images of the womens marches in US cities..and London….and Australia….and the Phillapines apparantly ..and…and…anywhere else?… am not entirely sure

But this is BIGGER than Trump and his misogyny isn’t it?

This is not JUST a womens protest….tho I feel sooooo proud to be female right now….and I rather like those natty pussy hats ideal for the cold winter weather…MUST get one

But ANYWAY… its a protest against oppression,hate and division isnt it? 

Its a demonstration….a solidarity with women across the world…its about feminist values….and REAL men support that they DON’T trample over, subjugate and bully….men and women work in partnership as team players or thats the ideal anyway…. its 2017 NOT 1817 and we were moving foreward globally…or starting to

WHATEVER… cannot know how seeing this has made me feel….I’m just disappointed that in my stupid, stubborn way I had a single woman media  boycott (plus still having a tech nightmare) so didn’t bloody join in… DRAT!!!!

Hmmmm have also got Sam on crutches at the mo too so would have proved difficult BUT no matter….its just the start…

‘Love trumps Hate’

‘Love trumps Hate’

keep that mantra…..keep the momentum…..  it’s ‘collateral beauty’ isn’t it? :):):):):):):):)

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