‘Special’ relationship?

When it comes to world affairs there is no ‘special’ relationship SURELY

Relationships YES…..global ones….mutual, reciprocal, fair….moving on up to serve the interests of the whole….’Global’ serving the ‘Globe’ the clue is in the title….is bigger than the man who thinks he’s the ‘big man’

‘Special’ relationship tho Theresa? 

This island will just be shoved further down into the US pocket

Is this the culture people want?

Is this REALLY the ‘change’ people were hungry for?

Is this what people wanted when they voted….if indeed the election outcome was true

We KNOW the dirty tricks….or should I say ‘alternative truths’ ( lies) the double whammy neo natzi campaigns barely dressed as a combination of ‘common sense’ and ‘business’

Hmmmmm…..but we ALSO know of cyber crime and figure fixing

Difficult to ‘prove’ just YET

But its not feeling right is it….its feeling very uncomfortable isnt it

Its palpable in the air…….

I’m British and don’t like this at ALL….am yet to meet anyone who actually does….unless EVERYONES lying

Why not use the word ‘Special relationship’ with the eu in negotiations instead of WW2 rhetoric

What about the ‘Special relationship’ with ex commonwealth countries…and developing others….China for example

Theresa….THERESA….ok….so you will have to meet with the bloke….use the term then if you think it will help….then walk away… pull your pussy hat from your handbag….slip it on for the press photos then declare you are off to meet the president of China or Saudi Arabia with a view to nurturing a ‘special relationship’

Think  I’m living in some kind of parralell universe

What planet am I on again?

RIGHT….need to get on…door knocking to do

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