Full ‘State Visit’???

There’s a debate going on here about whether or not to welcome a certain chap here with a ‘full state visit’

This is where the queens guards polish off their boots and bring out the golden coaches for the all singing all dancing quirky spectacle that is the royal parade plus banquets etc…..and I think the queen gets to don her crown

Hmmmmm…..a tough one

When you’re a kid do you invite the playground bully to your birthday party

Hmmmmm…yes I guess you do BUT you don’t give him special treatment

I guess the powers that be here in the UK could organise a bit of a run of ‘full state visits’

Maybe invite Adama Barrow of Gambia first…..he did used to live in exile in London and whilst here lived an ordinary life as an employee of Argos… a humble.man

Hmmmm….and perhaps next on the list could be Enrique Peno Neito the president of Mexico….

Yep…..ok……these 2 first THEN offer the president of the USA an invitation

We don’t want things to go to the mans head…..think he’s ‘special’ do we?

Hmmmmm…..or alternatively we could just say to he and his aides….sorry but the queens carriages are out of action…..the wheels have dropped off!

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