Article 50


Can we not say its all been some horrible mistake.

That David Cameron only took us to EU referendum to put the situation to bed once and for all….believing it would solve the 1/2 in 1/2 out problem…..that we didn’t expect a very rich psychopathic meglomaniac to test the waters by using his puppy to start a nasty and divisive campaign here built on lies ( or alternative truths)

That we’re just a small island…..its hard going it alone…..and now it is creating a VERY dangerous situation as we are about to be taken over by a dictator 

Just say ‘sorry folks’…..we got carried away… can be easy done where Psychopaths are concerned BUT we are waking up now… couldn’t BELIEVE this would happen.

PLEASE let us come back into the fold….we identify with EUROPE….we want to be fully part of the biggest peace project in history not be instrumental in dismantling  it.

Can we do that?

Can we?

Can we?

Better to be a little shame faced than lead us further down this path. …we’re barely a week in to the new US presidency….can you IMAGINE the carnage in a years time?

Never thought I’d hear myself say this BUT maybe this IS where the ‘Royal Perogative’ is needed

Yep she’s 90 years old….but in the current climate….maybe she COULD prove to be the one that gets us out of this mess!

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