Go Ken

Always said he was the best Tory Prime Minister there never was…the lone sensible voice amongst the cacophany of Tories in the house of commons at the mo….AND he wears suede shoes….stick to your guns on this one Ken….think you’re ABSOLUTELY right!

Suede shoes are goooooood

(I’m referring to Ken Clarke) 
Oh and Jeremy?…….maybe its time to step down…….think the ‘crush’ might be over…..lovely man and all that ….but a LOT has happened since the HUGE wave of ‘Jezza love’…..we’re talking taking on out and out facists in MANY guises now….maybe let Tom (Watson) have a go….he did a BRILLIANT job questioning Murdoch during the Levison enquiry…..Hmmmm or maybe Emily Thornbury

Actually I’m fed up of the Labour Party…… never thought would hear myself say that either….but hey…might as well join the whole world shake up

Hmmmm….what a mess…..maybe we should forget about political parties at the mo….we have 2 distinct camps across the political party spectrum….. Brexiteers and EU Remainers now 

One things for sure….someone across the pond will be LOVING this…..

AND Dr Who has abdicated…..actually havent watched Peter Capaldi’s Dr but STILL….its ALWAYS a big thing when ‘The Dr’ regenerates

Oooh I know….bugger politics lets have a national vote on who will be the new Dr and put our faith and give all the power to HIM ( or her) 

Might as well….the USA has elected a reality TV host who’s running the country on similar lines….

Phew… Blimey…wheres it all going to end

Not looking too good at the mo is it

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