Talk about ‘fake news’…on the radio is a chap who allegedly has used game technology to create the vibrational sounds of Stone Henge….

Poor stone Henge sounds to have indegestion:D:D:D

Get Bjork on the case say I…. she came up with an app where you could mess about with the vibrational sounds of the universe..popular with scientists,tech heads and autistic kids I understand AND intro by David Attenboro so it MUST be good.

THIS sounds like farting….OMG has Stone Henge been infected by Trump!!!!????…

Nooooooooooo :D:D:D

…..a daft little story

Once upon a time…not long enough ago to be ancient history…and in a land not too far away…a very small and insignificant pixie sprite came across a lost boy frozen in the wilderness….  he appeared..JUST LIKE THAT..pain in his eyes COVERED and surrounded by cruel,cold ice.

The pixie was puzzled about the boy…lost as he was in that frozen, desolate place…so she sprinkled him with special dust to start the thaw and enable him to fly.

By and by the frost did indeed begin to melt….his wings ached a little due to lack of use and he forgot about the pixie for a while…afterall she was very small and lowly and may not have even been a pixie anyway…. .. 

None the less he began to flex his wings…slowly at first…a gentle flutter…virtually undetectable…then again..and yet again…but JUST as he was about to take off he became barricaded away…just a smattering of the pixie dust remaining in the corner of his pocket.

Was he with other ‘ lost boys and girls’ behind the barricade?

Were they being held to ransom or tempted by the fake glitter offered by the noxious Captain Hook who. little by little had risen to become a very powerful and dangerous man.

As the days became weeks and the weeks became months the sinister bullying of Hook and his pirates became more and more evident….undermining many good works across the lands and instead of joy and peace,promoting hatred.

.. big men like Hook and his pirates with ALL at their disposal were…..actually sadder than sad…  nothing more than school yard bullies but on a MUCH grander scale….yes Hook and his pirates had no concience..they WANTED to create chaos….they wanted ULTIMATE control….whereas in fact they were nothing but COWARDS!!!

Where was the honor and fair play?…where WERE the hero’s?

The pixie watched, feeling helpless as it all unfolded before her… ..all she wanted was joy,peace and to fly…she checked her pockets for dust but found she had given it all away

The pixie tried to carry on…lowly and insignificant tho she was she DETESTED bullies in any form

She just HOPED the lost boy had indeed found others and was using the last remaining special dust wisely…he certainly appeared fully thawed and happy…..

Once upon a time….not long enough ago to be ancient history….and in a land not too far away….a very small and insignificant pixie sprite became lost and frozen in the wilderness…. 

PS) Just another little go at fiction here at Blog On!!!

Or is it?

What with ‘Fake News’ ‘Jam Sandwiches’ and ‘Truth to Power’ as the latest phrases entering the english language lexicon….who the hell knows????;)