Happy Valentines Day


Feel the luuuuuuurve day


Shit its Valentines day….need to part with some hard earned cash….  buy a piece of paper with a picture of a heart on it…..pay a more than usual… over the odds price at a restaurant….and….hmmmm…..have I done this right?

Shit….should I have bought some flowers too… OMG and what about a present?…OMG am skint now….have I gone over the top?

OH THE PRESSURE as Mr Marketing fat cat rubs his hands in glee

Tip to couples from a lone wolf

Actually…it IS a good idea..little gestures of Luuuuuuurve are ALWAYS good

And women in particular LOVE a romantic gesture

Do you need a special day for it tho?….. 


Make EVERY day have a silver lining if you can….it doesnt take much OR have to ‘cost’ ANYTHING

Bafta Bollocks

So many FABULOUS movies

So MANY missed opportunities 

Sadly showing that The Hollywood Mafia were in control tonight

La La Land?

La La Land?

……its felt cringingly uncomfortable watching it 

Yep…suppose I ‘get’ that a colourful musical offers a bit of ‘escapism’ in bleak times….but it hardly deserves to sweep the floor…does it?

Hmmmm….I guess it does sum up the times….you know….ridiculous smoke screens and propaganda

But almost ALL the other movies had more interesting…and some… more IMPORTANT..stories to tell

Blimey…. article 50 hasn’t even been put foreward yet and you could FEEEEEL that PUSH down 

I’m WILLING the British creative industries to be brave and stand up to this shit

Oh…and the Oscars are coming up….I’ll save you wasting time watching it…think we can pretty much predict the results


Yes… .have just been singing the ‘Carpenters…Calling occupants of interplanetary craft’ at the top of my voice


Because I am insane

But no more insane than anyone else….

And we are on one

Yes…we are ACTUALLY on an intetplanetary craft when you think about it….we are ALL occupants of an ‘inerplanetary MOST extraordinary craft’ so its no use trying to communicate with those occupying other craft that might be out there when we cant even sort out communication between the diverse peoples and species on THIS one

Now…as you may know…I have been having tech problems lately….communication is severely limited at the mo…probably because I have been hacked in the past…. am not tech savvy and do not have the finances to replace all my kit…and YES I have had it wiped back to factory settings TWICE

ANYWAY….SO….just before Christmas I heard on the radio that our local parks museum was closing….apparantly there had been some kind of meeting with the ‘friends’ and the council

The council gave the ‘Friends’ 2 weeks to sort an ‘event’ to test out public opinion re how the building should be used 

Anyway…Sam and myself helped out…I did a little blagging for christmas trimmings from local business (folk were bringing their own trimmings from home….the building itself had been COMPLETELY emptied by the council and it took a LOT of decorating)

It has to be said..the ‘Friends’ did a wonderful job pulling off the event at such short notice…and it WAS very well attended.

Sam and myself were ‘Santa’s helpers’ in the grotto….we were SWAMPED…running out of presents…having to declare to the expectant tots that ‘Santa had just gone for a little break and would be back soon’

As Sam dashed downstairs to tell the ladies manning the front door…who quickly bundled off some folk to buy a load of selection boxes from the nearest supermarket…which were then hurriedly wrapped by a group of folk occupying the stables….Phew!!

Where was I?

Oh….yes….so the event was a success and attendies completed forms with ideas of what they would like to see the building used for…. ( yep I had some ideas…..it has some AMAZING rooms and could be a base for community groups ACROSS the spectrum…the park itself is used by folk from ALL walks of life living in the area)



I have periodically asked folk if they have heard anything 

Nope…but then again we have had the Christmas/New Year Period

Thing is…

Its the 11th Febuary now…. 

So had a little trip to the park this afternoon and was chatting to the chap who runs the little cafe next door who told me the adventure playground has also been closed YET a similar one is due to be built on an old wasteland site about 4  miles down the road

It is believed this wasteland site has not been built on previously due to previous concerns re toxic waste

Apparantly no’one knows if there is any decision re the museum building (which is an old mansion house)

The council has apparantly let a few rooms to paying tenants (there IS facility for this) … yep…they are living in it as caretakers to prevent vandalism AND it brings in a little revenue to the cash starved council

WELL….what can I say

Disappointment AND frustration

Yep THATS how I felt

Its SUCH a waste!!!!

Anyway the cafe guy informed me that there is a ‘Friends’ AGM on the 6 March and invited me along

Shall I or shan’t I go?

What if its FURTHER depressing news….although LOVELY and having pulled off an AMAZING event at such short notice the ‘Friends’ average age is probably about 80…and although we had a good laugh on the day ( they are AMAZING that age group when they are still active aren’t they)….they seemed somewhat dejected and defeated about the parks situation….. recognising that the council has no money to fund ‘non essential services’….and the likelyhood being it will be sold off eventually…perhaps as building land or somthing

So am feeling 😦

No :(:(:(:(:(:(

Think I might need to buy a flat cap and hot foot it to the ‘AGM’ and declare

‘I don’t BELIEEEEVE it!!!!!’

Lunar Eclipse

Yep….tonight apparantly…indicating a ‘shift’ or ‘change’ if you believe that kind of thing

Hmmmmm…..was there a few last year?

I always said life was like surfing the ocean

Could do with some beautiful, clear, calm waters….but somthings telling me thats far from happening yet…hope am wrong

Ps) Just googled and its a ‘Snow Moon’ ‘Eclipse’ AND ‘comet’…. ALL happening tonight!!!!

Haven’t a CLUE what this means….if indeed its true and not just a product of ‘La La Land’

HUGE pod of Pilot Whales beach in Florida

This is very sad 

People are at a loss as to why this happened….it is such a HUGE number…. HUNDREDS

Apparantly whales beach when their inbuilt radar goes awry

A reason given for the numbet of beached Pilot Whales is the ‘herding instinct’ which may  have been at play

Basically they all follow a leader whose radar has gone awry….this causes confusion….they all go off course and beach

Seems the animal kingdom is also in a bit of a mess at the moment

Is it me or is there a LOT of whale and dolphin activity going on in recent months

Are they desperately trying to tell us something maybe?

Incinerator plans?

Just heard on the radio re plans to build a multi million pound incinerator on the outskirts of Keighley… a nearby town here in west yorkshire …..as you would expect….great opposition from those living in the imediate vicinity

What with unwanted Fracking due to start….and now HUGE incinerators to pollute the atmosphere

Our unelected Prime Minister blasting thro SERIOUS constitutional reform with little regard for due process

WELL…..like I said before

I always thought these little islands…although frought with troubles at times… were known for democracy, discourse and healthy debate

Its feeling more and more like a bullying dictatorship 

Need openness and honesty about the situation we are in….we may then be able to move foreward in a positive way… a position of fairness and collaboration

Shouting down and silencing is NOT the answer

I guess its a matter of TRUST 

I WANT to believe…..



PS)  Just checked the details of the company……as ever these days…looks like a front to me….who the hell OWNS it and WHY are councils being instructed to approve these contraversial deals….instructed by WHO exactly!!!

WELL…..I KNOW that councils hands are tied by central government

NHS too has been ground down by the Private Finance Initiative which reward the company board WHOEVER they are….. 

Just like all the other public services…these corporations  don’t seem to be investing….. a little superficial camoflage to disguise the cuts to ACTUAL services only

So WHO in central govt is doing the dodgy dealings?

All the hard won rights….basic human rights….are being callously unravelled

Corrupt as hell!!!

Yep its looking like it isn’t it!!!!

But you know what?

Am soooooo glad am not like them…at least I can sleep at night

Oh…sorry…so can they… no concience see



Its about education and a fair economy

And NO…. its NOT about bringing all down to base level or WORSE in the case of those in positions of power and privelage using this to arrogantly stamp on those less fortunate…. whether they be political, religious or business leaders of ANY denomination

The ‘education’ and ‘fair economy’ should be a 2 way street….

Critique and debate….what holds up to scrutiny….what are the motivations and values underpinning….what kind of world do we want…how do we raise the barr and keep moving on up

OR…. how can I jack it all in and live in a beach hut…. one with a good shower and wifi connection preferably

Quality not quantity is what am after personally…. .hmmmm  have you read ‘In praise of slow?’

Buggar it….my ambition in life is to go whole hog hermit!

Hmmmmm….will see the boys every now and again I guess:D:D:D

Hate filled cowards

Yep….the neo right or whatever they call themselves

Actually no…..’terrorists’ one could say 

You know…folk who like to cause disruption and fear

Whats worrying tho is WHO is behind it all….have you WATCHED channel 4 news lately

I guess at least they are interviewing and challenging these people.. well no…they’re so dogmatic they refuse to be challenged… 

Exposed then….so at least we can witness the bizarre propaganda at work

Now…folk didnt REALLY expect Corbyn to be leader of the labour party for long BUT it was the ‘values’ he stood for that caused the HUGE wave of ‘Corbyn Love’….they were sooooo refreshing after the YEARS of seemingly plastic men in suits script reading 

THIS is just plain nasty

Yep… I understand what they are saying in terms of a NEW way of politics which uses social media and the internet …hmmmm but what about ‘alternative truths’ ( lies)

Their arguments don’t stack up either (unless you’re a psychopath) … devoid of compassion..its all just a’game’ a very dangerous one all about power and control….ARROGANCE and ENTITLEMENT

Whether thats the white supremacist model OR the islamofacist one

 BOTH prey on the vulnerable/impressionable to do the REAL dirty work…they don’t do it themselves

Hmmmmm….. hacking is also being used isn’t it….’denial’ and ‘silencing’

This country really MUST unravel itself from the Brexit, Trump thing….callaboration, respectful cross party coalition IS needed just now

This IS reminiscent of events leading up to WW 2….and it doesn’t HAVE to be

Call me paranoid if you like….but SURELY we are intelligent enough to be able to learn from history

Hmmmm….obviously NOT

And NO its NOT the germans and the eu THIS time!!!!

Am thinking….Venuzuela….am thinking Alleppo…..am thinking….

How do we ride THIS storm….

Journalists….keep exposing the arguments I guess…politicians reign in to centre ground…and BOTH make sure ALL feel included…a part of the overall society

And we ARE global….a mish mash of peoples who share a compassion for each other AND the wider environment…or SHOULD be