The most IMPORTANT election is ON!!!

Well….c’mon….need a bit of a break from the real world of Trumpton….. need to think beyond the confines of planet earth

Hmmmm…. actually its a ‘selection’ as the BBC hunts for the next ‘Dr Who’

AND they are apparantly mooting A morph into a female this time… 

Seems to make sense to me …as long as the Dr morphs into a  human looking alien ANYTHING is possible…..and in todays society…you know 21st century and all that….maybe it IS time we broadened the horizons from just the standard white male….although the Dr HAS had some wonderful incarnations…. 

Mine was Tom Baker. Matts was the FABULOUS David Tennant and Sams was Matt….can’t remember his last name but he was still good…. 

Every generation has their Dr….. its kind of a national institution that kids just… watch…then watch with their kids and so on


So….back to the election/selection….hmmmm I reckon it should be an election….but no….maybe not….its all very exciting when the Dr regenerates….you never know what you’re going to get…the role is of such national importance it frightens some actors so I reckon the beeb has to do a lot of serious negotiating behind the scenes

Hmmmm but if they’re after a female….. let me see…..

SUE of Mel&Sue would be FANTASTIC and has been approached I think…. 

Perfect timing too….she’s probably looking for work since ‘The Great British Bake Off’ contract went to….not sure where it went… think it might have been sold to channel 4

OR what about Lucy of the blog ‘Portergirl’……maybe the Beeb should go with a thus far unknown

OR me…..THAT would be hilarious…a scatterbrain with a yorkshire accent…….no….am far too introvert in real life

Would LOVE to work on the scripwriting team tho…. 


Dear BBC

‘Blog On’ feels it is a GREAT idea to have a female Dr this time…..Sue Perkins is an EXCELLANT choice…. and maybe you would consider employing a couple of unknown female scriptwriters to the team too
Well actually I personally have no experience whatsover of scriptwriting but would LOVE to join the team to thrash out ideas and storylines…. 

Hmmmm…..haven’t the beeb moved a lot of their stuff to Manchester too….its just a hop over the hill from here…. WHATEVER 

Dear BBC

To quote the words of ‘Yosser’ in ‘Boys from the Black Stuff’

‘Gi us a job!!!’

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