Is it the elephant?

Aha….just got in and seen John Bercow the speaker of the house of commons VERY clearly stating that ‘This house will NOT be inviting the current president of the US to speak in parliament’

The speaker has spoken….but has he overstepped the mark?

THEN a rather cheeky picture of the queen appeared…there she was…beaming broadly

And ok….THIS was a story about today being the 65th anniversary of her queenhood


I was thinking of that obscure picture I have of when as a young woman she had just heard of the death of her father and the mix of grief mixed with vulnerbility re future implications seemingly etched on her face…

Hmmmm….now the Queen is supposed to be neutral re party politics …as is the speaker of the house of commons…yes I guess they both have their personal leanings BUT when they are doing their job…or ‘carrying out thier duties’ its supposed to be a different matter 

I suppose am thinking….we are currently living thro VERY unusual circumstances

Yep….communication needs to be kept open with ALL world leaders I would imagine

BUT we don’t want to jump into bed with a dictator of ANY description…..

Maybe its just me but the way one story followed the other on the news….made me think….could it be possible that John and Elizabeth are in cahoots on this one

Has ‘Horton’ indeed put in an appearance?

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