Hmmm shall I or shan’t I?

Ok…..there’s a certain drama programme on BBC tonight… depicts events which occured here approx 7 years ago whereby a woman was complicit in staging the ‘disappearance’ of her own daughter…..for what?… not sure……..attention?

All I remember is that it was one of those occaisions when everyone held their breath….expecting a murder to have occured or somthing…. yep….have said before how this area has had its fair share of ‘events’….

An area where there is very much the good the bad and the ugly….BUT the  majority of folk are just ordinary people getting on with their lives 

ANYWAY not sure why they are showing this just now… further grinding down of a ground down area maybe

And actually.. ..have a LOT of sympathy for Karen Matthews….did she have an understanding of what was going on around her at the always seems to be the woman who is scrutinised and villified in the media….hoping that these days things are managed differently and with fairness….often we are all too quick to judge….or too busy with our own little lives to dig a little deeper and understand what is actually happening….BUT these things must be looked at carefully….sometimes the unfurling issues can seem so huge as to be insumountable

As for Karen’s daughter….thankfully she was unharmed apart from having undergone a crazy ordeal of which  comparisons were made to the T.V series ‘Shameless’ Hmmmmm

ANYWAY the girl was placed in fostercare and I think will now be 17…..what on earth will the poor kid make of it all….

Phew!….we HAVE had some unpleasant incidents in this area over the years BUT its produced a LOT of interesting good eggs also

2 who come immediately to mind are 

  1. Betty Boothroyd the first ( only) female speaker of the house of commons….and BOY could she keep order….with a lot of humour too….watch her in action on YouTube…. BRILLIANT
  2. Wallace Hartley band leader on ‘The Titanic’ who tried to maintain calm and continued playing music as the ship went down

So….shall I or shan’t I watch the TV programme tonight?

Hmmmm….just got in…. will get somthing to eat….have a relaxing bath then see how I feel….

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