Its about education and a fair economy

And NO…. its NOT about bringing all down to base level or WORSE in the case of those in positions of power and privelage using this to arrogantly stamp on those less fortunate…. whether they be political, religious or business leaders of ANY denomination

The ‘education’ and ‘fair economy’ should be a 2 way street….

Critique and debate….what holds up to scrutiny….what are the motivations and values underpinning….what kind of world do we want…how do we raise the barr and keep moving on up

OR…. how can I jack it all in and live in a beach hut…. one with a good shower and wifi connection preferably

Quality not quantity is what am after personally…. .hmmmm  have you read ‘In praise of slow?’

Buggar it….my ambition in life is to go whole hog hermit!

Hmmmmm….will see the boys every now and again I guess:D:D:D

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