Hate filled cowards

Yep….the neo right or whatever they call themselves

Actually no…..’terrorists’ one could say 

You know…folk who like to cause disruption and fear

Whats worrying tho is WHO is behind it all….have you WATCHED channel 4 news lately

I guess at least they are interviewing and challenging these people.. well no…they’re so dogmatic they refuse to be challenged… 

Exposed then….so at least we can witness the bizarre propaganda at work

Now…folk didnt REALLY expect Corbyn to be leader of the labour party for long BUT it was the ‘values’ he stood for that caused the HUGE wave of ‘Corbyn Love’….they were sooooo refreshing after the YEARS of seemingly plastic men in suits script reading 

THIS is just plain nasty

Yep… I understand what they are saying in terms of a NEW way of politics which uses social media and the internet …hmmmm but what about ‘alternative truths’ ( lies)

Their arguments don’t stack up either (unless you’re a psychopath) … devoid of compassion..its all just a’game’ a very dangerous one all about power and control….ARROGANCE and ENTITLEMENT

Whether thats the white supremacist model OR the islamofacist one

 BOTH prey on the vulnerable/impressionable to do the REAL dirty work…they don’t do it themselves

Hmmmmm….. hacking is also being used isn’t it….’denial’ and ‘silencing’

This country really MUST unravel itself from the Brexit, Trump thing….callaboration, respectful cross party coalition IS needed just now

This IS reminiscent of events leading up to WW 2….and it doesn’t HAVE to be

Call me paranoid if you like….but SURELY we are intelligent enough to be able to learn from history

Hmmmm….obviously NOT

And NO its NOT the germans and the eu THIS time!!!!

Am thinking….Venuzuela….am thinking Alleppo…..am thinking….

How do we ride THIS storm….

Journalists….keep exposing the arguments I guess…politicians reign in to centre ground…and BOTH make sure ALL feel included…a part of the overall society

And we ARE global….a mish mash of peoples who share a compassion for each other AND the wider environment…or SHOULD be

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