Incinerator plans?

Just heard on the radio re plans to build a multi million pound incinerator on the outskirts of Keighley… a nearby town here in west yorkshire … you would expect….great opposition from those living in the imediate vicinity

What with unwanted Fracking due to start….and now HUGE incinerators to pollute the atmosphere

Our unelected Prime Minister blasting thro SERIOUS constitutional reform with little regard for due process

WELL… I said before

I always thought these little islands…although frought with troubles at times… were known for democracy, discourse and healthy debate

Its feeling more and more like a bullying dictatorship 

Need openness and honesty about the situation we are in….we may then be able to move foreward in a positive way… a position of fairness and collaboration

Shouting down and silencing is NOT the answer

I guess its a matter of TRUST 

I WANT to believe…..



PS)  Just checked the details of the company……as ever these days…looks like a front to me….who the hell OWNS it and WHY are councils being instructed to approve these contraversial deals….instructed by WHO exactly!!!

WELL…..I KNOW that councils hands are tied by central government

NHS too has been ground down by the Private Finance Initiative which reward the company board WHOEVER they are….. 

Just like all the other public services…these corporations  don’t seem to be investing….. a little superficial camoflage to disguise the cuts to ACTUAL services only

So WHO in central govt is doing the dodgy dealings?

All the hard won rights….basic human rights….are being callously unravelled

Corrupt as hell!!!

Yep its looking like it isn’t it!!!!

But you know what?

Am soooooo glad am not like them…at least I can sleep at night

Oh…sorry…so can they… no concience see


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