Yes… .have just been singing the ‘Carpenters…Calling occupants of interplanetary craft’ at the top of my voice


Because I am insane

But no more insane than anyone else….

And we are on one

Yes…we are ACTUALLY on an intetplanetary craft when you think about it….we are ALL occupants of an ‘inerplanetary MOST extraordinary craft’ so its no use trying to communicate with those occupying other craft that might be out there when we cant even sort out communication between the diverse peoples and species on THIS one

Now…as you may know…I have been having tech problems lately….communication is severely limited at the mo…probably because I have been hacked in the past…. am not tech savvy and do not have the finances to replace all my kit…and YES I have had it wiped back to factory settings TWICE

ANYWAY….SO….just before Christmas I heard on the radio that our local parks museum was closing….apparantly there had been some kind of meeting with the ‘friends’ and the council

The council gave the ‘Friends’ 2 weeks to sort an ‘event’ to test out public opinion re how the building should be used 

Anyway…Sam and myself helped out…I did a little blagging for christmas trimmings from local business (folk were bringing their own trimmings from home….the building itself had been COMPLETELY emptied by the council and it took a LOT of decorating)

It has to be said..the ‘Friends’ did a wonderful job pulling off the event at such short notice…and it WAS very well attended.

Sam and myself were ‘Santa’s helpers’ in the grotto….we were SWAMPED…running out of presents…having to declare to the expectant tots that ‘Santa had just gone for a little break and would be back soon’

As Sam dashed downstairs to tell the ladies manning the front door…who quickly bundled off some folk to buy a load of selection boxes from the nearest supermarket…which were then hurriedly wrapped by a group of folk occupying the stables….Phew!!

Where was I?

Oh….yes….so the event was a success and attendies completed forms with ideas of what they would like to see the building used for…. ( yep I had some ideas… has some AMAZING rooms and could be a base for community groups ACROSS the spectrum…the park itself is used by folk from ALL walks of life living in the area)



I have periodically asked folk if they have heard anything 

Nope…but then again we have had the Christmas/New Year Period

Thing is…

Its the 11th Febuary now…. 

So had a little trip to the park this afternoon and was chatting to the chap who runs the little cafe next door who told me the adventure playground has also been closed YET a similar one is due to be built on an old wasteland site about 4  miles down the road

It is believed this wasteland site has not been built on previously due to previous concerns re toxic waste

Apparantly no’one knows if there is any decision re the museum building (which is an old mansion house)

The council has apparantly let a few rooms to paying tenants (there IS facility for this) … yep…they are living in it as caretakers to prevent vandalism AND it brings in a little revenue to the cash starved council

WELL….what can I say

Disappointment AND frustration

Yep THATS how I felt

Its SUCH a waste!!!!

Anyway the cafe guy informed me that there is a ‘Friends’ AGM on the 6 March and invited me along

Shall I or shan’t I go?

What if its FURTHER depressing news….although LOVELY and having pulled off an AMAZING event at such short notice the ‘Friends’ average age is probably about 80…and although we had a good laugh on the day ( they are AMAZING that age group when they are still active aren’t they)….they seemed somewhat dejected and defeated about the parks situation….. recognising that the council has no money to fund ‘non essential services’….and the likelyhood being it will be sold off eventually…perhaps as building land or somthing

So am feeling 😦

No :(:(:(:(:(:(

Think I might need to buy a flat cap and hot foot it to the ‘AGM’ and declare

‘I don’t BELIEEEEVE it!!!!!’

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