Happy Valentines Day


Feel the luuuuuuurve day


Shit its Valentines day….need to part with some hard earned cash….  buy a piece of paper with a picture of a heart on it…..pay a more than usual… over the odds price at a restaurant….and….hmmmm…..have I done this right?

Shit….should I have bought some flowers too… OMG and what about a present?…OMG am skint now….have I gone over the top?

OH THE PRESSURE as Mr Marketing fat cat rubs his hands in glee

Tip to couples from a lone wolf

Actually…it IS a good idea..little gestures of Luuuuuuurve are ALWAYS good

And women in particular LOVE a romantic gesture

Do you need a special day for it tho?….. 


Make EVERY day have a silver lining if you can….it doesnt take much OR have to ‘cost’ ANYTHING

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