A Radical New Movement

I’m starting one here and now… 

Well actually its an ‘anti movement’

….and its BRILLIANT if I say so myself…available and accessible to all….guaranteed to improve everyones quality of life

AND is very VERY eeeeeeeasy

Just STOP!!!!

Refuse to take part

Don’t get all hot and bothered 

Don’t stress

In fact don’t do ANYTHING

On mass….lets just take to our beds

Hmmmm…..do you remember John and Yoko’s ‘Love in’?

Or Ghandi’s ‘Passive Resistance’?

Its kind of a take on those….and very pleasant it is too

Just remember to arm yourself with a load of good books….and get up to make toast and a brew every now and again

If you like you can periodically pop your head outside and see if the world is still revolving

Lets start a revolution from our beds


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