So……. think its about a month since my last blog entry

Have been having a kind of self induced silent retreat since….hmmmm…..think it was 24 Febuary

Esconced in my cocoon….well largely….one of crisp white bed linen interspersed with periods venturing out into the fresh air….not to stomp….merely to remember to breath….notice that I am actually still alive….and perchance….if I am REALLY lucky….familiarise myself with what day it is….the date…and planet I am living on

Ok…SO… in and among over the past month…I discovered that I had not only been developing some kind of unhealthy telepathic communication with the cat…or her with me…BUT had also inadvertantly gatecrashed something akin to the mad hatters tea party 

BEJEEZUS….what more can I say!!!?

I have also discovered that I live on the cusp of 2 triangles I KID YOU NOT!!!

The first being the ‘Sculpture Triangle’ featuring the Hepworth and Wakefield Galleries plus my all time favorite the YSP ( Yorkshire Sculpture Park) of which I paid a visit recently and had to evade the troops by scaling a fence labelled ‘No Access Beyond This Point’…..( there seem to be a lot of such barriers around these days don’t there)…. I enjoyed a good 1/2 hour or so sat in a tranquil spot by the river until my peace was disturbed by what could be best described as the howling of an injured wolf!!!!…..when on EARTH did someone reintroduce wolves to west yorkshire I ask myself???

Where was I?

Ah yes….Triangles

So the second triangle I live on the cusp of is the Rhubarb one….yes indeed….I am proud to announce I live on the periphery of the worlds GREATEST Rhubarb producing area

Tan tarra Dah!!! (fanfare)

Hmmmm THERES a suprise I here you cry…BUT…it IS a much misunderstood fruit ( or is it a vegetable)….and it is suprisingly VERY versatile ..YES I paid a visit to the 10th annual Rhubarb festival (I’d never heard of it before)….and an interesting little experience it was too UNTILL…meandering down the street past the various stalls of Rhubarb related produce I came across a crowd surrounding 3 old ladies shouting and carrying on from their electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters or whatever they were…..I couldnt tell a word they were saying but they seemed a little angry to say the least…..and on closer inspection they were NOT in fact  3 old ladies at all but 3 men in drag wearing crowns…ranting and raving and causing a RIGHT hullaballoo…

Now I don’t know if it was my imagination…..or maybe it was just coincidental timing….BUT… as I walked past they all started revving their engines in an aggressive manner….the sound was DEAFENING….I rushed past and broke into a run and SWEAR they came roaring down the street in hot persuit…  I darent look round but ran like the clappers across town untill I got to the safety of my car where I sat part terrified, part laughing untill I got my breath back enough to hot foot it out of there…almost smashing thro the car park barrier such was my desperation to get away

Hmmmm…..none of this sounds very silent does it?….but I HAVE been in silent retreat I assure you….these are just some of the occurances when I have deigned to venture out….I STILL have no working tech apart from my phone and have been largely boycotting the news and EVERYTHING….currently Iam largely enjoying peace, quiet and rest

Oh….and I DID pop up to the park on the 6th March to see what was happeningwith the mansion house…there was no’one around…the cafe was shut…but there was a chap polishing a car….yep….in the park…so I asked him….he hadn’t a clue BUT he introduced himself as a ‘Guardian’ …apparantly there are 3 of them occupying the building….he informed me that he was aware his accomodation is temporary but he couldnt complain as he has sole occupancy of an entire upper floor of a mansion  and a fabulous garden….and indeed he has….how cool is THAT!!???…..AND a brilliant idea by the council to put the ‘Guardians’ in there untill they decide what the hell is going to happen next

Oh….and yesterday I was talking to a neighbour and unbeknown to me  .. ( presumably because I have been hibernating in the cocoon)….over the past 2 weeks our road has been cordoned off at both ends due to a huge tree falling down miraculously missing parked cars etc but taking down telephone lines and blocking the entire road…..AND just last weekend in the early hours…the quiet on the street was disrupted as a car careered off the road RIGHT in front of my house apparantly…. crashing into another vehicle of unknown origin AND someone has stolen the bus stop…WELL all the signage has gone missing…all that is left in the grass verge is a solitary grey steel pole!!!??

Thankfully the buses are still running….just about….the trains arent though are they?….and NO…its NOT just about who should shut the doors!!!

Blimey…..I can’t keep up with everything can you?…. its make no wonder I’ve taken to my bed to snooze and read novels

Trump seems to have gone quiet on our news also….maybe he’s feeling the same….after his initial mad flourish maybe he’s taken to his bed…thought…’You know what?….was just kidding….have had enough now and off for a lie down…what will be will be’

Hmmmm what do you reckon?

Here in the UK we have Theresa May ignoring everyone as usual as she ploughs ahead with the potential national suicide mission….the lords are grumbling and tutting and north of the border Nichola Sturgen is digging in her kitten heels stating ‘NO’!!!….we DEMAND another referendum for Scotland!!!

…and what the HECK is going on in Holland???

The Turks have declared the Dutch facists … the DUTCH!!!???….and who the HELL is that guy strutting about with the bizarre white/ blonde hair???….maybe its HIM they are referring to….what is it with middle aged blokes with weird white/blonde hair at the moment???….is there a lab producing them somewhere just to wind everyone else up?….I wonder what would happen if you got near one and pinched it?

You know…. sometimes I feel I am ABSOLUTELY crazy…. then I pop the news on and wonder if am actually one of the sanest people on the planet

Hmmmm….. have actually been out tonight tho….properly…you know with real live people that have known a number of years…a bit tipsy hence the blog

Know what am going to do now tho…. back to bed with my book…..classic fiction is providing a sense of rational stability in this crazy world at the moment….and you cannot beat lolling about doing nothing in particular if you….at least it doesnt do anyone any harm

G’ night

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