Sense prevails in Holland…. 

……kind of

Herr Flicke

or Hair Flick

or De Wilderbeast

…has been defeated….phew!!!

BUT the Netherlands cannot rest on its laurels yet….lets not forget he’s buddy of the Master Hair Flick himself…. a necessary prerequisite to joining the elite macho war mongering machine and big data manipulators hoping for world domination….and who knows….maybe the universe AND BEYOND!!!

As De Wilderbeast said…. 

‘This is just the start…..I’ll be back ack ack ack

MmmmmooooowahahahaHAAAAAA!!!! (evil laugh)

Actually I don’t think he said I’ll be back ack ack ack ( he’s not actually gone)… or did the evil laugh but it adds to the overall effect of the  political goings on in the world at the moment.

Hmmmm…..thats my twopenneth for the day

Making Sams tea now…he’s currently revising….then back to the cocoon for me

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