The irony of narrow minded ‘nationalism’….whether ‘the nation of islam’ or the groups and factions ( not to mention those getting into positions of power…ie Trump/ Putin to name a couple ….is that it doesn’t really exist.

If the British and Europeans actually meant it…they would never have gone off ‘discovering’ and ‘colonising’ other countries in the first place 

If you think about it….if Mr Trump actually believed in America for the Americans he for one would buggar off back to Germany….shake hands with the Native American leaders and return the keys before he left.

Same with Mexico,Latin America and the Caribean…..maybe….actually….it should be the Mexicans building a border after all…. to keep the buggars north of the border out….Maybe if the ‘native  peoples’ across the world hadn’t been so welcoming in the first place there wouldn’t be the problems we have today.

And as for the ‘Islamists’ … again….there are many MANY ideologies/ways of living….as long as peaceful and causing no deliberate harm to others and let live.

Hmmmm….and maybe there lies the rub

But no….we can’t change history…BUT what we CAN do is acknowledge it… .look at the ‘why’s and wherefore’s’ from different perspectives….OPENLY….and I don’t know about you…but I like clean water…. modern sanitation…a nutritious and varied diet ( including cake and chocolate of course)..clean air…freedom to ‘play’….information technology….creativity….and these things should be available to all….. there IS a lot of positives about the advancements of science/technology art/creativity… theres a lot to learn from the past too….depends how its all used tho 

The 21st century SHOULD be the best period in history there has EVER been….

Hmmmm….. we’ll see….the first quarter is looking a bit iffy at the moment isn’t it?

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