Its happened…..

Since the 7/7 bombings in London the authorities have said….’Its not a matter of if but when’….in relation to the possibility of a further attack

Much work has/is being done behind the scenes by the authorities…not only in its preparedness but also in keeping abreast of the shifting goalposts/methods of attackers in addition to implementing the ‘Prevent strategy’ in communities across the country.

The most recent attacks in Europe…and here in London today…do not appear to have involved specific ‘training’ and ‘group strategy’ but the use of ordinary motor vehicles as weapons to kill and injure….

Sadly….yet again…we see an unarmed public servant ( this time a police officer) loosing their life whilst going about their normal working day…along with a number of ordinary members of the public….this time in Westminster…the heart of British democracy

It seems democracy IS under threat by those having extremist views of ‘hate’…both Islamist (today) AND white supremacist ( Jo Cox murder last year)

BUT….if there is ONE positive that comes from these terrible and tragic incidents it is…yet again…how amazing the emergency ( and specialist) services are in responding to crisis ….plus how the public and politicians across the spectrum pull together

And yet again…one thing I love about the UK is that the vast majority of folk see these incidents for what they are….acts of terror with the aim being to cause chaos,  division and fear…Islam does NOT cause violence just as not ALL white folk are white supremacists.

This country is a mish mash of peoples and that is a STRENGTH…I love that this country…whilst acknowledging the risks and challenges in the world today…  by and large continues to keep things in perspective

….and I love that despite todays events… tomorrow London will just carry on as normal

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