Its down to the ‘energy’

Hmmmm……and what kind of energy are Trump and Putin giving off?

Funnily enough heard John Lydon speaking on the radio today….what I like about John Lydon is that he mostly speaks utter bollocks with the odd pearl of wisdom here and there…he acknowledges this tho…there IS a kind of humbleness…well no ‘thoughtfulness’ …..well no….oh I don’t know….he’s just John Lydon

But anyway…..he said that although there is a LOT he disagrees with….to quote

‘Donald Trumps presidency is The Sex Pistols of politics’

I couldn’t stop laughing and CANNOT get this out of my head…. because in some ways he’s ABSOLUTELY right…. 

It gives Donald Trump FAR too much kudos though if you ask me

Hmmmm…..and am thinking if thats the case….you know….if the Trump is the ‘Punk’ of politics…..does that make ‘JC’ here in the UK the ‘Hippy’?

Thing is ‘JC’ is not in power so the battle of the Punks and Hippy’s won’t be quite the same

Hmmmm is Theresa a Punk do you think?…..No No….she’s far too polite….although a Tory I believe she’s trying her best to appease the right wingers and brexiteers whilst at the same time neither selling out or falling out with either Trump or the EU AND maintaining peace within our communities…

Its no easy task is it?

Hmmmmmm…… ‘Anger is an energy’….. not sure its ‘Anger’ the ole Don has got though….more an unhealthily hefty dose of the ‘Big I am’….buddying up with his likeminded pal to play with in the schoolyard of the worlds playground like a couple of bullies

As for me….my energy is depleted at the moment… Om….no Anger….no nothing….. its still good to be able to laugh at the absurdity of it all though

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