So…..the seperation started last summer and now we have formally served the divorce papers

Now for the messy bit…. negotiations re who gets what whilst having in mind that the needs of the children are paramount

Hmmmm…..seperation and divorce never easy…its a rough ride for all….

I heard both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn speak the other day

I WISH folk would just ‘listen’ to Jeremy Corbyn’ sometimes

Despite his ‘image’ he DOES seem to be a man of intelligemce and integrity

BOTH of these 2 at opposite ‘sides’ of the political spectrum 

BOTH unexpectedly finding themselves leaders of their parties

NEITHER being ‘Brexiteers’ to begin with but both having to work with it

Yep….these 2 have been dropped in the proverbial shit 

A very…VERY difficult situation

Not sure ‘the british public’ in making their decision to ‘Brexit’ expected it to be quite the swirling vortex it is…. 

BUT….it is what it is….

People across the political spectrum voted ‘Brexit’ for different reasons….but I would argue that on all sides it was a kind of ‘harping back’ 

Whether militancy on the left.  ole boy elitism on the right…and Xenophobia on BOTH

Hmmmm…..one things for sure….people seemed to be crying out for change of some kind

And yep….ok…..theres the radical capitalism of the US thrown into the mix too….hmmmm but we’re NOT the US either…. 

GOD knows where all this is going to end up

BUT..now is not the time for infighting…more a time for a collaborative approach on the domestic front…a pulling together for the sake of the children in the turmoil of sorting things out and trying to move foreward…a steep learning curve of lessons from the past with an eye on a different future….both inward and outward looking …and…hopefully…causing minimal damage to ALL the kids involved 

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