Selka continued…. 

Otherwise known as ‘Mr Solomon Selka’ All I can say is… 

How come Emma, Alice and their Mother avoided the workhouse?

How come Emma played the piano beautifully and both girls could read and write etc and had a love of books</b
Although just a kid… we know that Alice was trained up as an office worker and ran the Norwood Green mill offices for a while  when Selker was (story goes) jailed as a conciencious objector ( would this have been WW1 or 2….will have to check dates)

Who paid for Alice’s medical care when she developed TB (she was married to a WW1 veteran and manual worker prior to the NHS being in existance) and how come they could afford to buy a newly built house….did Selker have those houses built?

My Mum ( Alices daughter) went to work for a small textile design company in Kenton London when she finished at Art college….its always been known as a Jewish area hasnt it?…. I’ll have to see if I can find any photo’s…

Anyway…all I know is…I’ve just Googled Selka of Bradford West Yorkshire…. he was a big man in the textile industry of the area and a philanthropist apparantly…he was CERTAINLY well thought of by Emma…and it seems he saw to it that the girls had a good life despite the initial adversity caused by their father passing in an industrial accident as a quarry worker

The old press cuttings I have just read on the internet certainly correspond with Emma’s views of the guy

Google him
A rare breed indeed

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