Just need to remember this one….

Dot joining

Its amazing what comes out when people pass isn’t it?

Family rifts…piecing the puzzle and the why’s and wherefor’s

Hmmmm…yep…this is really a note to self….can’t prove anything as those in the know are now no more…but a facinating story that explains a lot really in terms of Mums side of the family

‘My Family and other animals’….need to write it one day…and yes ok its a ‘working title’ that I’ve nicked….in homage to a favorite book of mine as a kid…. in homage….and hmmmmm…..yep….maybe it should be a work of fiction

After all….its all down to different folks  ‘interpretation’ when it comes to human relationships isn’t it?

Theres a saying ‘Theres nothing stranger than fiction’ isnt there?

I believe thats COMPLETELY wrong….and in fact there is nothing stranger than real life

Oh…and Emma….I am SO glad I spent a lot of time with Emma….if I hadn’t  I would never have understood my Mums perspective…not saying it made it any easier BUT it healed one rift and enabled me to respect my parents as human beings who worked hard… rode a number of storms….  WERE lovely if a tad eccentric…. and did their best.

…perfect imperfection and hilariously funny at times….no different to anyone else on that score then.

And anyway we don’t want to be clones do we

Do we?

How boring would THAT be

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