Listening to the radio AGAIN having rescued the prodigal son ( dont ask).. bought him a bag of groceries whilst he takes a bath…using every towel in the house as he does….hmmmm….and he NEVER rinses out the bath after use…crumpled undies, socks and other clothing debris forming a trail on the landing

ANYWAY …the tunes are Spot On!!!

Oh….here he comes…no Wifi at his place apparantly  so about to be drowned out by HIS stuff

Hmmmm….was going to suggest he stay for tea…but NOPE…it seems we are singing to a different beat at the moment

And yep…am saying it here and now…much of the  ‘rap & grime’ around  does NOT do anyone any favours…give me 90’s dance music ANY DAY

What you put in your mind becomes your mind

Music creates an energy…ok you might argue it reflects it but STILL

Yep…I AM maturing into the female Victor Meldrew

Oh…and Harry Styles is NOT the new Bowie

Utter bollocks

10 minutes and am running said son home

Ps) Have just popped a couple of pizzas in the oven…..SUCKERED!!!!

Pss)  Had stumbled across some old CDs when tidying the other day…..said ‘bwa’ had a rifle thro the box whilst eating Pizza

Have just dropped him having reached a little musical compromise in the car ( chosen by him) eclectic ‘ECLECTIC’ don’t be pigeon holed…..yep…..hopefully it will sink in

…and yep…I ‘get’ it….lyrics are poetry and a way of expressing experiences and emotions

….but if times are a bit bleak this needs to be balanced with positive mood changers….balanced…BALANCED

If theres too much yin you need a bit of yan or vice versa

ANYWAY…am now looking at the debris following the weekly brief encounter…. phew!!!

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