Down Tools

The knowledge that yet again Syria is being hit by biological warfare is beyond despair

AND the reaction

HOW and CAN this poison be neutralised?

And its not just biological warfare is it?…. theres the use of technology too…drones….computer hacks and the flood of diversion and propaganda…thats before we even get to what I’ve just learned about ‘the dark web’ 

Hmmm….  perhaps everyone should down tools and declare an international week of non action

Just join the revolution of taking to bed for a week

Peace would be guaranteed

Get all the world leaders in a room together…. lock the doors and just leave em to have a sleepover….and if they really need to continue their macho posturing….just give em all a nerf gun to battle it out and leave the rest of us across the world in peace

I despair

Cannot STAND to see the images coming out of Syria….STILL

I read somewhere that the worlds most powerful people sum just 20…..thats about 1/2 the state school class size here in the UK

Maybe at the end of the sleepover Desmond TuTu and the Dalai Llama could call in to help Mr Modi settle everyone down before they return home….. 

Not sure whether to keep watching the News or not…..but yes….its important we all stay informed……. good global journalism is so important….we need to know…read a broad spectrum….its like music…be eclectic….read between the lines

And then what?

Well….what the hell do I know

PS) Just thought….they’re all blokes aren’t they?…..pretty much

Hmmm says it alk really….too much yin and not enough yan….or is it vice versa but you know what I mean

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