Sorry…but I LOVE

Boaty Boat Face

The jury is out SURELY

It is  KNOWN about climate change

It is  KNOWN that in 2016 the first few months of the year global temperatures were consistently higher than have been since pre ice age

That research is no longer needed surely

Its about correcting the balance if possible….and I understand that this is what boaty will be looking into

I remember when they put the naming of the boat out to the public

And guess what have just descovered….

Its not a boat at all

Its a yellow submarine….and there’s 3 of them….

Little yellow unmanned submarines

Hmmmm….yep….all that cash put into space exploration?

Should we not be getting our shit together down here first

Oh…and even MORE reason for the bickering bombs, bullets and other weapons of mass and not so mass destruction guys to down tools….put your feet up….and marvel at the world rather than destroy it!!!

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