The Dove from above… 

Well actually think its a pigeon but anyway


Just heard the ‘Cooooo Rooooo’

Popped my head out of the landing window and there it was in its usual spot…nesting in the crook of my satellite dish giving that ole eyeball which freaked the kids out last year

Hmmmmm…..I know what this means tho 

Yep…. crap allover my car ( apparantly its lucky tho) AND those lunatic house martins will soon be arriving with their crazy antics….dive bombing my bedroom window and the like

Spring has arrived!!!

Afraid the wild garden has got a bit beyond a joke tho this year….daren’t take a photo of it just now….its a good job I have tolerant neighbours

Hmmm….wonder if its the same dove…whats their lifespan? 

Wonder if the blogger ‘BaatDal’ has got hers back….she got to know hers really well….she might have a whole flock of them this year:):):):):)

Hmmm….maybe its my attitude….its like my relationship with the cat…but I just can’t seem to help being….a bit

a bit

you know

‘Blog On!!!’

I can’t seem to get it out of my system

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