To be a Martian

Am thinking about it….


Think am part way there….just require a bit of tinkering…you know….a brain and body booster….make me semi android to strengthen the weaker bits and Bobs your uncle

Hmmmmm…..may need a bit of training in Antartica first….and Hmmmmm how can nature be harnessed to provide sustainence up there I wonder?

Hmmmm…..what was that movie called I watched with Sam where the guy gets accidently left up there and grows a potato?

Actually no….am too long in the tooth and there is so much of THIS planet to marvel at….but I ‘get’ it….I ‘get’ the need to research the possibility of humans evolving to live in space

Well Ole Steve just said so and who am I to argue?

Not even the bloody tea lady DAMN IT!!!!

Our job is to protect and nurture this planet first tho….it can’t or shouldn’t be at the expense of that SURELY

Oh…well am sure if we get too up ourselves those cheeky little cosmic rays will bombard….keep the solar system in check and all that….think they’re already a little pissed off at the ‘space debris’  we’ve already left floating around

Can any good come from it all I wonder?

God knows

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