Le Grande Departe

Otherwise known as ‘The Tour De Yorkshire’

Yes indeed….a slight detour or ‘departe’ from the ‘Tour De France’ but just as spectacular if I say so myself….but then again I’m slightly biased.

Well….wish I could say…yes, yes I did indeed take part…but in my usual hap hazard way it didnt quite work out like that. I DID get caught up in the hype tho…determined if not to catch the 3 rd leg send off from Bradford ( my old stomping ground) at least catch it somewhere on route

SO….this morning 

‘Sam….Sam…c’mon wake up its the tour de yorkshire!!!’

Silence….said offspring appearing dead to the world…no longer the cute kid with the wild hair he has experienced a rapid growth spurt and now the same height as myself….voice deepened to at least barritone and sleeping in till lunchtime on a weekend…..

10 minutes later…. 



An hour later… 

‘Sam wake up… lets go’

Eventually he wakes rises and off we pop…too late to see the start in Bradford my plan was to intercept somewhere on route 

‘Mum WHERE are we GOING?’

‘Not sure yet….trust me tho…we’ll find somewhere to catch the race’

Parked up in Sainsbury’s car park in the next town, eating starburst just purchased with the aim of keeping said offspring occupied as we were approximately 2 hours ahead of the cyclists scheduled arrival

‘Mum WHAT are we doing HERE?….you’ve driven around the mini roundabouts twice…and we’re far too early’

‘Well yes….but they’ll be closing the roads soon so its better to be early than late….shall we go and have a little walk round the town?


‘Aha…yes I have a better idea…lets whizz up to Clifton and catch it up there’

ANYWAY….to cut a long story short…we drove around for a bit….seeing many lycra clad cyclists (not the racers tho) and folk wandering about…some even sat in folding chairs at the side of the road….eventually tho I succombed to said offsprings protestations… 

‘Mum…we have been driving around for AGES…we would STILL have to sit at the side of the road for 2 hours before seeing a flash of lycra whizz past in a couple of seconds…whats the point in THAT?’

‘The point is its an event that showcases yorkshire AND its supporting top notch sportspeople in their field…its becoming an international event’

‘Ok Mum….maybe if we’d seen them set off from Bradford and got in with the atmosphere I could have understood it…but I do NOT fancy sitting at the side of the road for a couple of hours’

‘Hmmmm….so what do you suggest instead?’

‘Lets go home and watch ‘The Flash’

‘But this is an opportunity to watch a REAL ‘Flash’

‘Mum…. if you’d mentioned this was what we were going to do yesterday I would have set my alarm and got up…but THIS is ridiculous’

‘Hmmm….ok….am disappointed’

‘Well so am I’

SO….return home we did….BUT still feel the Tour de Yorkshire is an amazing feat pulled off by the organisers….what with all the upheaval of recent months its nice to have somthing positive going on that brings people together…particularly a city like Bradford…. Google it…..and ok….the event didnt actually bring us together….or actually it did…kind of.. got us out of the house at least…a little bickering and then later a bit of bonding watching the flash ….

One day….

One day….

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