So….today Theresa May met with the queen to disolve parliament….we therefore now have no MP’s but merely candidates untill the brought foreward general election in June.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am in a complete state of flux

Never mind depression….think am experiencing some kind of existential crisis….or mid life crisis….or just a state of more flux than usual…and I’m due back at work tomorrow

Apparantly the ‘transformation’ has occurred…I think…kind of

Am returning in a different role…have no idea who is in the team…which will be much smaller…I think


How does one reassure folk in a state of flux when I and everyone else seems to be in one

Hmmmm….dandilions will no longer cut it I feel.  Think we’ll have to try to up the game somehow

Hmmmm… Ok….the blossoms now in full glory….and the world is still revolving just about

I also have a solution to the exorbitant Brexit bill….something I’m sure I will be advised to do tomorrow in my own humble corner when I try to plug in

My theory is that it might work on a grander scale  for the financial institutions also….IT folk always say ‘First turn it off then on again’….maybe if all the financial imstitutions went down for 24 hours…. then


Annual payments to all adults of say….hmmm….lets not be greedy….say 30 grand a year….we’d all be ok and it would be far cheaper than the current Brexit bill

Oh…and I’ve resigned from the labour party….well….although I am in the minority and LIKE Corbyn…I’m disappointed that the party is not getting behind him AND wish they were offering an alternative by backing remain

Its felt like cutting off a limb…have no idea how I will vote at this stage….have no idea how long I will survive in my job… or even how much longer the NHS and public sector will survive

Have no idea about the future at all…does anyone?

Yep… in the moment….literally

May the fourth be with you….or me….or whoever…..tomorrow that is

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