The Eurovision Song Contest

Had a grand plan to have a little eurovision party with the youngest…. 

As you know I was a ‘remainer’ re the UK referendum

The youngest had never seen eurovision

I even plied him with a drop of wine in his lemonade

Alas….I fear he is a Brexiteer

The hip hop yodelling combo was the final nail in the coffin….he could take no more 

And yes he ‘got’ the camp kitch of the whole affair….but ….to quote

‘There’s camp kitch and theres camp kitch ….but THAT was not ‘different’…it just didn’t work’

We had a little bet on…..he went for Portugal….which miffed me somewhat as I wanted to 

I toyed with going for Croatia….a rather large gentleman who kept stepping from one side of the stage to the other…switching from bass to soprano like a couple of alter ego’s

…..and lets not even go there with the dance moves 

It must be said tho..when the UK came on…we both decided that was the best pop song thus far….its early days tho….there are 25 songs still to go….TWENTY FIVE….and thats BEFORE the voting starts…
Phew….blimey… an epic act of endurance too far….as far as the youngest is concerned

‘NEVER ask me to watch that AGAIN’ said he 

And he’s now gone to bed despite me trying to persuade him that the voting is the best bit

So that’s that then

Finally got used to the fact of Brexit


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