What the f…k is going on!!??

So….am back at work and everything seems to be going banana’s

On a wider scale…the race that is the general election is hotting up with JC STILL riding the wave of luuuuurve which got him into the post of labour leadership in the first place….as you know I luuuuuurve JC myself but was disappointed the rest of the party seemed not to be getting behind him… 

We sure are in for an interesting election next week

Have been thinking of this sort of stuff a lot of late

Hmmmm…..thing is….you kind of need to consider the social, economic AND environmental needs

The Tories aint too hot on the ‘social’ front and Labour aint too hot on balancing the books

Hmmmm…and the Liberals and Greens want another referendum to ‘remain’ within the eu

Yet again say I….WHERES it all going to end!!!??  

None the less….this HAS to be the most intetesting ( thought that was a typo but maybe not) and dynamic general election I can ever remember….phew….its INSANE!!!

The best we can hope for I feel…is some kind of consensus government

Is that Possible?

God knows!!!

And as for that chap across the pond abdicating from the Paris climate agreement

Never mind some almighty wooden spoon stirring the soup….I reckon its a full on electric whisk!!!!

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