Actually.. .

….am f…ked off



Because…..I removed some hedges

My garden fell in

I now have a bumpy wateland full of rubble and allsorts of bits of plastic and odds and sods that I have no idea how got there plus an invasion of inpenetrable brambles. …the ‘wild garden’ is a bit of a jumble at the moment BUT…. never fear

This morning I went on a quest to acquire ( hire) a digger

Ha haaaa YES

Buggar it

Buggar it all say I

Yes…Yes….the female Victor Meldrew hath returned

Oh and actually 


I reckon old Victor had it EASY….he had Margaret didnt he….and what do we get…what do I have

An ex whose a ‘metrosexual’  …an absent son and one who festers in his bedroom 

Yep am having a mega sulk 

Think I’ll go have a puff on my pipe before the digger arrives

Oooops no…..Victor never had a pipe….Sherlock did tho as did Juno so there you go!!!! 

Later……ok so the digger arrived…hmmmm but I couldnt get the bloody thing started AND it was too bloody heavy SO….its been abandoned in disgust….and what have I done instead? 

Lolled around on thegrass ( well ok   scrub) eating a box of cherries and looking at the sky….I kid you NOT

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