Vim and Vigour Post Script…. 

Weeeelll….. good grief

Only a few hours into the election results and dare I say…..maybe a little too much vim and vigour already

Vim and vigour is all very well….but needs a bit of substance to back it up….has it tho….has it say I…. 

I must say am a little disappointed to say the least re the immediate call of Theresa’s resignation

Oh….here we go….thought I….its all very well everyone more or less abandoning ship after the Brexit result leaving the poor woman hanging in there….but rather than ‘hear’ the ‘youth vote’  and TRY to pull things together a bit what has now happened is the goverment has taken its bat home and choosen to go into cahoots with the old Ulster Unionists……Aaaaaaaagh

Its all not boding well at all is it?

Is it?

Oh dearie me… least bring back Ken and  his suede shoes for a little balance 

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