Am not happy…. 


A number of reasons BUT one being the knives already apparantly drawn after a rather successful election for both JC AND Theresa 

Hmmmm….Theresa’s ‘political advisors’ have quit….and as for Jezza….the party is already umming and aahing about whether he should remain leader

Oh the dirty shenanigins of politics eh?

Its like a game of chess….thing is….it doesn’t ALWAYS go to plan…..and who are ‘political advisors’ ANYWAY?

I had to Google the job credentials as I don’t know about you…but most jobs I know of don’t have armies of ‘advisors’.. ‘pa’s’ and the like

Hmmmmm….a PA could be good tho…but it aint going to happen

Oh….and the other thing I am unhappy about is the death of John Noakes and Batman in the space of a WEEK

I’m classing it as ONE unhappy event  rather than 2 because I cant bare it

Have had The Stramglers ‘No More Heroes’ going thro my head

What with Captain Hook….Lost Boys etc ( don’t ask)…. am a little worried….

Will Theresa and JC be allowed to pull things together….they sure deserve to after both being landed in the proverbial shit

Hmmmmm…..’heroes’ aren’t ‘manufactured’ are they….are they? 

Hmmmmm….lets see if these 2 can be given a chance… blimey….if they did pull it off it would be history in the making

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