The Rebellion

And NO am not talking about politics….I have a life too you know….kind of….and am finding it harder and harder to breath

Don’t know whether its my age….hmmmm noooo…..cos I reckon its affecting kids too

Maybe its just my lifestyle and where I stand in the pecking order…but its really starting to piss me off

SO….today spent the day with the youngest… commencing with breakfast at the icecream parlour….munching icecream whilst witnessing a goat in what we believe could have been the early stages of labour …..and a couple of male peacocks posturing ( I kid you not)

This was then followed by my reluctant agreement to go into the city ‘shopping’ ….. Ok….Ok….a slightly better proposition than the ‘mall’ but still…..

And guess what…we were thwarted in our persuit….yes THWARTED…by the road being closed off for a load of joggers

Now…its all very well .. but I am getting a bit sick of joggers quite frankly….all these lycra clad ‘health’ freaks,  allegedly raising money for ‘good causes’ are starting to turn into a menace to society if you ask me 

Its all becoming a bit ‘facist’….a bit….you HAVE to join in or else….its all a bit ‘Ronald Macdonald’ allover again

The road was barricaded off for the joggers….fair enough I guess….at least we had the pavement…. BUT when it came to crossing the road ‘security’ opening the barrier would only let you cross one way?????

No… No….said a woman reminscent of Ms Macdonald….it all seemed too complicated to turn back so just ducked under the tape leaving the youngest stranded in the middle and FURIOUS with me

And no….neither of us were wearing a back pack which is perhaps just as well as there was a helicopter hovering over head

I’m expecting a knock on the door any minute…. if this is the end of ‘blog on’ you know what has happened

Jog On!!!!

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